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Education is a significant tool Essay

Rodriguez and Freire could share an agreement on the fact that education is a significant tool on the path leading to success. Freire would disagree with Rodriguez on the fact that there is no â€Å"end of education†. Richard Rodriguez and Paolo Freire write of education as the core factor in one’s life. Two Million Minutes, the film makes the argument that U.S. students are performing at a mediocre level, at best, in math and science, and that this cannot stand, given the growing economic and educational might of nations like China and India. U.S. student’s aren’t being pushed hard enough and are just getting by through high school, with the help of The Banking Concept of Education and The Achievement of Desire we can make a change in the student’s education and attitudes towards wanting to be successful in life. Through Freire’s lens, Richard Rodriguez would be seen as a banking student, but could later be seen as a problem-posing student throughout the course of his life; in the eyes of Freire, Rodriguez was considered a receptacle which he did not understand the knowledge he absorbed. With this comparison, the reader can conclude that the banking education is a great part of a student’s life; as seen in the documentary, 2 Million Minutes, students use all their time they have in high school, studying, memorizing their school curriculum in order to get a great education at a high level university to become very successful in their lives. This all ties into how the political aspect of the classroom has an impact on the society as a whole and having this power can change generations to come. The types of relationships Rodriguez had with his teachers, family and in life was affected by specific styles of education and as he looked through Freire’s lens of the banking concept, he came to realized that that method of education had a detrimental effect on his life. Early on in Rodriguez’s essay he illustrates the characteristics of an automaton which confirmed Freire’s views regarding the banking concept. Despite his definition of a â€Å"scholarship boy†, Rodriguez lacked self-confidence which led him to be overpowered by his teachers and his books. Through Freire’s lens, Rodriguez would be considered a waste basket. He was filled not only with his  teacher’s knowledge, but also with information obtained from his â€Å"important† books. Rodriguez seems to be a classic student of Freire’s banking system. Rodriguez shows signs of fleeing away from the ways of the banking concept early on. He concedes by saying, â€Å"I became the prized student anxious and eager to learn. â€Å"Too eager, too anxious an imitative and unoriginal pupil.† At the time Rodriguez was simply just absorbing the narrated information that he obtained from his teachers and books. Even though he was able to narrate the information he received, he did not truly know or understand the knowledge he absorbed. Rodriguez and Freire both state that education is vital for success. Freire states that, â€Å"Projecting an absolute ignorance onto others, a characteristic of the ideology of oppression, negates education and knowledge as processes of inquiry† (Freire 3).Rodriguez did not question or analyze the information; he simply accepted and deposited the knowledge without any doubts. By learning to use his education wisely and make connections between different texts, he heightened his intelligence. In 2 Million Minutes the featured American students Neil and Brittany are certainly intelligent, but they seem more concerned with extracurricular activities and friends than with their studies. Indian students Rohit and Apoorva, however, and Chinese students Xiaoyuan and Ruizhang all plan careers in math or science, and their families and schools support these goals. The film incorporates these students’ descriptions of their high school experiences and future aspirations with the hopes of their parents, and filmmakers juxtapose scenes from the different homes and schools. As it states â€Å"knowledge is a gift bestowed by those who consider themselves knowledgeable upon those whom they consider to know nothing.†(pg.1) Freire is stating that the students do not know anything and that the job of the teacher is to fill the â€Å"piggy bank† of the students’ minds with coins of knowledge. If we just give the students what they want and don’t allow the m to engage back then they aren’t really learning anything. They should both be able to state their opinions, have conversations in which both students and teachers participate, and the students should have the opportunity to lead discussions. This way students develop a relationship with their teachers, their peers, and the world. This will enable them to receive an education where the teachers do not oppress the students, and there is a dialectical relationship between the two;  showing that they care and really want to be informed and learn something new. Although Freire and Rodriguez have different opinions, they both agree that education is the dominating event in the shaping of an adult life. Paulo Freire and Richard Rodriguez opinions of education are almost completely opposed, but they come to a conclusion of agreement in that the primary educational goal is to form a relationship with oneself, and with the world. Rodriguez spent many years of education fulfilling the â€Å"banking† concept, and although he later recognizes the loss it entailed, he primarily believes that imitation plays an important role in the process of education for one must do this to succeed. Here, Freire would argue that the educational system is currently oppressive towards the students, and that there is a sense of necrophilia behind it all, that being the love of death. This love of death, he explains, is the technique of teaching based on memory. Rodriguez would contradict this explanation of education, relaying that â€Å"banking† plays a large role in the success of the student. Freire and Rodriguez have opposing views on the ideas of imitation, alienation, and power, Freire believing all of these concepts need to be removed or reformed and Rodriguez believing that they are important aspects for academic success. Freire’s view on Rodriguez is that he truly didn’t understand what he was being taught, and that’s where The Banking Concept of Education comes in which Rodriguez isn’t communicating with his teachers he’s just listening to what he’s being taught. Paulo Freire and Richard Rodriguez have contradictory views concerning education. Paulo Freire discusses the negativities of present education and explains how it should be reformed, whereas Rodriguez illustrates his own life in education, and how it led him to be the person he is today. Freire believes in â€Å"problem posing education† which consists of an alive, dynamic change in students, allowing them to become humanized with a relationship with the world. 2 Million Minutes it stated that U.S. students aren’t focused and determined to do well in school like those in other countries like India and china. In comparison between the United States with China and India, there is a definite difference between the difficulties of the curriculum within the educational system. Even though we would believe that the educational system in U.S. is the complete and the most perfect one in the world; the amount of the curriculum contents students learn are actually a lot less than students in China and  India. Freire would argue that if Rodriguez was educated under the method of problem-posing he would have embraced his home life and would have developed as an individual. In the end Rodriguez had balanced his life out and reconnected with his family. Education in the end helped Rodriguez realize that other elements of his life are important. Both Freire and Rodriguez believe that a person cannot be without education.

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Crisis in Movies Assignment Essay

1. Identify precipitating event(s). (10 pts.) The movie I chose to watch is Courageous. The precipitating event in this movie is the car accident that takes the life of Emily Mitchell. Her father, Adam Mitchell, and the rest of her family are traumatized by the sudden death of their 9 year old daughter/sister. In thinking about information that would be gained in the first contact with Adam Mitchell, one thing that stands out about his previous state of mind/functioning is that he was somewhat uninvolved with his children, taking them for granted. This fact can also be a trigger for how he processes this event, causing a crisis for him as he realized his young daughter is now gone. In another scene, Emily’s brother, Dylan Mitchell, shares that he feels guilty that he wasn’t a better brother. Both of these relational states prior to Emily’s death can be a precipitating factor in how they process this trauma – influencing whether they get stuck in crisis of guilt, depression over lost time, etc. or whet her they see this as an opportunity for change in the way they handle relationships from now on. 2. Identify the type of crisis (Situational, Developmental, Existential). (10 pts.) This crisis is a situational crisis, in that it is brought about by the sudden death of Emily. However, it can also produce developmental and existential crises in the lives of this family, as they process their loss. A traumatic event is known to potentially create problems in the future development of the individual or family, and it is certainly known to create existential crises, as the individual’s core beliefs about self, others, and the world are extremely challenged during crisis. Beliefs about meaning, purpose, and the existence of God are often questioned after major tragedy. 3. Identify the material, personal, and social resources available to the individual. (10 pts.) The material resources available to this family were that they were a middle class family, with a stable home, and no financial worries that were evident to complicate their loss. The personal resources of the family were that they seemed to be a fairly strong, intact family prior to the crisis. They were clearly a family of great faith in God, and this personal resource literally becomes what carries them through the crisis. As a result of their involvement in church and community, they had the social support of their friends/church members in the early days following the loss. Adam Mitchell also has the ongoing counsel of his pastor, who walks through the process with him, comforting him yet challenging him to grow and not get stuck. 4. What were the differing perceptions of the crisis? (the client, family, community, friends, legal perspectives) (10 pts.) The perspectives within the family are the most obvious. Adam led his family to accept the tragedy as God’s will for their lives and to trust Him with their pain and healing. He seemed to grieve for a while and then dive right in to trying to be a better dad. The mother is shown grieving, and then l ater supporting him as he sought to change his parenting; therefore, her perception seemed to be a fairly healthy one. The brother, Dylan, did not seem to do as well at first. He isolated for a while, but the reason came out one night at the dinner table when he cried, saying he should have been a better brother. The guilt had obviously been causing him to withdraw, but when he finally talked about his real feelings, he is seen making improvements. 5. Briefly, how was the crisis handled by the protagonist? (10 pts.) The protagonist in this movie was Adam Mitchell, the father of Emily who died in the car crash. Adam handled this crisis very well, as it became a catalyst for growth for him. In one session, he is talking with his pastor after a few scenes that have shown him grieving, his wife grieving, and his son beginning to isolate from the family. It is at this time that Adam has a choice in how he handles his opportunity to move forward or stay stuck. He tells his pastor that he does not want to get stuck and bitter, that he wants to heal and he wants his family to heal. It is at this point in the movie that Adam begins to pour himself into studying what God’s word has to say about being a father. After discovering that he was only doing a small portion of what God required of him as a dad, he makes a resolution to change that. Indeed, he does so and brings several other men along with him as well. By choosing to grieve in a healthy way, Adam allowed his crisis to make him a better father and to develop his relationship with his wife and son to a stronger place than it had been even before his daughter’s death. 6. Suggest several steps for your client that could be used to handle the crisis. (10 pts.) Since this crisis did not put Adam, or anyone else in his family, in direct danger, I would take on the role of a facilitator. As a facilitator, I would collaborate with Adam to set some goals for himself. An important thing to remember would be to help him survive and rebuild. This ultimate goal can be accomplished through smaller goals that center on bridging the past, accepting and living with the present, and finding a new path for the future. Practical steps for Adam in processing his loss would be to suggest that he remain connected to his support system, gently guide him to face his pain versus repress it, and have him identify secondary losses and unfinished business due to his daughter’s death. One poignant example of resolving unfinished business in the movie is when Adam goes and pretends to dance with his daughter in the place where he had rejected her invitation a few days before she died. While we can’t always recover secondary losses, we can allow the secondary losses to teach us about how to handle relationships differently in the future. This information can be used in finding a new path. Lastly, if my client was a Christian and I could talk openly about God, I would help to reframe their understanding based on a biblical perception of how God promises to use crises for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28). Lastly, considering that this was a sudden and traumatic death, I would likely suggest a grief support group for the family. 7. Suggest steps for teaching coping skills and developing resiliency (preventing the crisis from reoccurring). (10 pts.) It’s hard to keep a death from reoccurring, but a client can be strengthened so that they do not move into active crisis each time they fear a new loss. In the case of sudden death of a loved one, a sense of fear over a new loss can almost cripple a client. I have had personal experience with this myself after losing my son in a drowning accident. Therefore, I would immediately want to help the client frame healthy perceptions about the event so that fear patterns do not get locked into the brain. Therefore, when it comes to re-traumatization after an initial trauma, early intervention is critical. Crisis debriefing can help to prevent trauma loops from being formed in the brain, which would contribute to possible crisis reoccurrence. As far as resiliency is concerned, I would suggest that the client remain connected to social support and remain connected to God. Trusting Him in crisis can help tremendously toward a healthy outcome. 8. What referral sources would be available to the client if he/she lived in your area? (specific names of organizations in your area to which you might refer your client. You might have to research your area for this.) (10 pts.) Grief Share groups at several churches in the area (i.e. Hebron Baptist), Cornerstone Counseling (provides trauma recovery services), Paraclete Counseling Center, Robbie Sherrill, LCC 9. Discuss a Biblical worldview or principal related to the crisis. (10 pts.) Anytime there is a tragedy or loss, one might be tempted to question the goodness of God, or even the reality of God. However, God is in control and never surprised by tragedy. A good principle to remember when God does allow suffering is to trust that God works all things for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28). Also, Scripture makes it clear that God uses suffering to refine us. Therefore, processing tragedy by asking â€Å"what can I learn from this† is healthier and more biblical than seeking to know why. God knows the end from the beginning, and even though we may not know why while on earth, we can know the peace that comes from trusting Him to bring good from our suffering.

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Creating Good Relationships with the Public through Well Designed Dissertation

Creating Good Relationships with the Public through Well Designed Communication - Dissertation Example Good design is always an important element of any creation, but in politics the impact can be a defining element for the future. Chapter 1: Introduction Introduction Design is a part of the way that life is translated through the creation of objects and ideas that support modern life. When a design is flawed, the purpose of an object can become a hindrance to an effective result. An example of this can be seen in the butterfly ballots in Florida during the 2000 election in the United States where the Presidency was affected by the inadequacy of the design. The future of the world was impacted by the decision that was cast through a voting system that was inadequate to the purpose of its design. Discussing Design Design is the kind of word that has a great many meanings and can be applied to a great number of applications in the human experience. Designing something means creating an arrangement that will meet a specific goal. Design can mean creating a visual impact through the edito rial point of view as it is adapted for fashion or for interiors, or through the impact of design aesthetics on a message that is intended to persuade or inform. Design, in all of its forms, is an action and the consequence of the action is to communicate something from the designer to the public with the designed product being the conduit of the information. To design is to intend a communication. There are a great number of ways in which design impacts our daily life without considering that it has been designed to specifically create intent for the framework of the way we perceive the world. Culture is created through the application of designed perceptions on the way in which life is lived. This does not mean that the communication of the design has the impact that is intended, but it does mean that it will have a form of impact that can influence the direction of cultural development. Design is the activity of the creator, but the meanings that are interpreted from what has bee n designed belongs to the public. The conduit, the object that has been designed does not always have to be a tangible item. The design intent can be intangible, a method of creating communication that impacts the receiver in such a way as to enact an impression towards information that the designer wishes to convey. The design of this impact can be through a variety of related symbols of what is intended, everything from the clothing that an individual who represents that information wears to the way in which text that is related to the information is chosen to convey some form of meaning upon the words that are used. Summary The following paper is intended to explore the way in which design has impacted the political landscape, using the United States as a central example. Modern life is the result of design as objects can be seen as a part of the development of culture for the utilitarianism of the objects. When the utility of an object fails, the consequences can be understood a s long reaching and fateful in terms of how the world evolves. Design, therefore, is an act that is aggressive and

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Strategic management Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 5

Strategic management - Case Study Example Every business in the ring fenced so that lenders have no rights to any other assets. Virgin evolved from private companies to a group where some companies are listed. I believe that inspite of the fact that The Virgin Group appears to have numerous organizations in as numerous distinctive fields, there are presumably some vital connections between the specialty units. With these key connections Virgin can attain a few advantages, for instance, economies of scale when purchasing supplies or with their logistics, more control over the business, access to more purchaser data over a few related organizations or by making it less demanding for the corporate guardian to comprehend and deal with every vital specialty unit on the off chance that they are all in comparable fields. (Keller, Parameswaran & Jacob, 2011).   However, overall Virgin takes pace after a random broadening method. This implies that The Virgin Group is an association which moves out of its own industry or market and seeks after new open doors wherever they are accessible. It adventures its present capabilities and sets about broadening in ways which can make utilization of these abilities easier and this further may overall be under-utilized. The Virgin Group as an issue guardian values all its organizations. The Virgin Group attains esteem by understanding the systematized markets. The Virgins administration group has made a decent showing in recognizing fulfillment in the business. The administration group aptitude and experience matched to the system permits the organization to offer more for less. The Virgin gathering likewise increased the value of its organizations with the brand name and utilized the brand name to overcome hindrances. The Virgin brand name is a shoppers supporter and as noticed before the brand is highly regarded with the British. The Virgin Group as a corporate parent additionally assists with restricting the dangers for alternate organizations

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Agile software & adapting agile practices Essay

Agile software & adapting agile practices - Essay Example Financials Company wants to expand its business with tripling its business. But this strategic plan demands the need of new development of the strategies for the company. The implementation of agile software for the development process of the project has various Critical success factors for the software. But on the hand the implementation of the project involves several risks in which can lead to the failure for the firm. Te main failure factor which can affect the implementation process for the firm can be referred as Organizational, People, Process and Technical process. Lack of sponsorship from executive can be problem for the company. The traditional practice of the firm’s culture can be a hindrance for the implementation process successfully. Adapting the new system is not easy for a large organization without agile logical arrangement. The skill set of the people is also very essential for the proper management of the project. Bad customer relationship is another issue o f risk for the project implementation. If the project scope, requirements and planning are ill defined then it can be a factor for the failure of the project. Technically the project may also face several risk issues. The agile practice is needed to be completely correct. The tools and technology used should also be appropriate with the project (Chow, Cao, 2008, 963). The Agile software development method involves extreme programming and it promised to offer very high performance on adopting it throughout (Stamelos, Sfetsos, 2007, p. 187). The innovation and Risk involved depends on the motivation and risk handling capabilities of the employees. Migrating from one system to another system like to XP may need changes in the practice of the employees. XP does not provide support just at the beginning of the project development thus implementation with innovation and risk analysis is automatically done by the employees. XP works with very indistinguishable requirements thus the develop ment team need to be very creative and innovative and skilled in the work to cope with the unwanted events in the process. Due to the interaction with the customers while development of the software is in progress the developers need to be flexible enough to cater the demands of the customers otherwise it may lead to wrong direction following the instruction of the customers. Due to the incremental development of agile development process it involves high chance of risk which is unavoidable for the developers during the development process. Understanding the mistakes in the implementation process is the most important aspects for the developers to handle risk involved in the project development. Companies if acts negatively against the mistakes done by employees will never allow any innovation process and employees will not be able to handle pressure with the practice (Tolfo, Wazlawick, 2008, p. 1957). Question 2: What should be the management and organizational principles for this project? Agile methodology doesn’t need the elimination of the existing practice of the firm completely. Rather modification of some practices can also implement agile technique of project management. At the iteration level as well as in the release planning level the basic of the management approach is developed into Scrum. It is the organization who defines the project management role which is needed to be performed. In agile methodology it is not developed with proper planning or assigned role rather the development is done

Study Skills Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Study Skills - Essay Example With such an attitude, you can never achieve anything since you will feel that you are studying just to please someone else. Freeman (2002, p.44) suggests that the first thing you should instill within yourself is a positive attitude towards studying by setting your study goals, and developing appropriate means on how to achieve them. When I joined this institution as a first year student, I can confess that I too had a negative attitude towards studies because, I hated the act of going to class, listening to a lecturer, and then exams (Jones, 2003, p.102). I thought that if we only came to school to spend our time with friends and sharing our life experiences, then all could have been well. Unfortunately, the thought of exams and assessment tests really upset me. I already had developed a negative attitude as I attended lectures to wait for the lecturer to do his part, without even caring about what I had gained from the lecture. I rarely carried out my own research unless when orde red by a lecturer to do so. Moreover, I only studied for exams through cramming after which everything was gone and forgotten (Armstrong & Lampe, 2000, p. 64). Little did I know that school was preparing us for the challenging life out there, and it is meant for our own good. The education and training I have been exposed to in this institution has really changed my attitude as well as my perception towards studying. First, here you are introduced to an environment of freedom where you are expected to be responsible for your own actions (Freeman, 2002, p.44). At first, I felt that it was the best feeling ever since I was now of age and my parents/teachers had no full control over my life. I thought that life had presented to me a perfect opportunity to do all the craziest stuff I have been longing for in my life. Fortunately, with the endless words of advice from my lecturers and parents, I have learnt that society expects us to be morally and socially responsible individuals. I hav e been taught how to communicate, interact and live with other people effectively without any form of conflict among us. Furthermore, I have widened my knowledge and skills through the technical skills I have gained, to ensure that I will cope well with working in the real field out there (Jones, 2003, p.142). Whichever way you may look at it, it all streams to one thing; when my effort is demanded rather than required, I will struggle through to see that I have provided it no matter how I feel (Armstrong & Lampe, 2000, p. 88). This can looked at as an effort of trying to get things done, and it might not be the best way of doing things. I have learnt that the key thing into getting things done without much effort and struggle is motivation. Through motivation, everything you engage in will be enjoyable as you are likely to gain some satisfaction upon accomplishing it. However, before you get motivated you have to find your purpose in life. As a student my ambition is to be a great person in the future who the young generation will strive to emulate. Freeman (2002, p.67) asserts that this calls for a proper setting of priorities right from this moment. I have to know that I study to acquire more knowledge and skills so as to know how to face challenging situations that come my way, but not just for exams. I can clearly admit that personal

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Future management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Future management - Essay Example The sole intention of a business is to satisfy the needs of the customers and generate profit for itself. However, one can question the apparent theoretical simplicity of the process. The answer is obvious ‘no’ in terms of simplicity because the simple process of providing goods and services to the customers for generating revenue passes through various complex stages to achieve the goals and fulfil its objectives. There are several business risks, but simultaneously, there are opportunities as well. Hence, to mitigate the risks and capitalize on the opportunities, a company need to have predefined strategies or plans (Gibson and Barsade, 2003). The notion of strategy has been borrowed from the military and adapted for the use in business. In business, as in the military activities, a strategy bridges the gap between objectives of the company and tactics. Hence, it can be stated that tactics and strategy together, closes the gap between the objectives of the firm and the means of achieving it. However, the question which arises in this context is: why does a business require a strategy to operate in the market place? There are several reasons, but one of them is the changing dynamics of the marketplace. The changes in market place occur due to shifts in the external business environment such as, consumer trends, political landscape, new government regulation or a technological change. According to eminent scholars and practitioners, the business environment is always dynamic in nature and undergoes radical shifts with time (Iivari, 2005). With the great global redistribution of social and economic power, it is expected to continue over the next few decades. Moreover, due to the changes in other business factors such as, the environmental factors, political factors, economical factors, legal factors, social factors and technological factors, companies are compelled to bring changes into their system of operation in order to comply with the external environment (Janicijevic, 2012). Despite several attempts to manage the business environment by devising strategies, the attempts have been futile and it also practically seems impossible for a company to manage the business environment (Jones, 2004). This is because a certain amount of change in one of the factors leads to a drastic amount of change in other factors, due to high interconnectivity. Figure 1 (Source: Newagepublishers, 2010) According to eminent scholars such as Schawalby (2005), companies will face a hard time in the future because of the involved uncertainties. The author had also mentioned that due to the increasing intensity of competition within the industries, a company is bound to face complexities. However, the level of complexities faced by the companies will depend upon their ability to adjust themselves in the changing marketplace. An organization has to deal with changes on a daily basis as people usually do with their lives. Change is therefore regarded a s inherent in the contemporary organizations and its management is not only critical, but also at the crux of organizational development (OD). A business always has two sets of objectives namely, short term objective and long term objective. The short term objectives generally deal with the achievement of short term goals. When it comes to the formulation and achievement of long term goals, the dependence on the external envi

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Cancer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Cancer - Essay Example There are many factors causing cancer but unfortunately, we have not been able to clearly identify them. However, the United States Surgeon General published a report in 1988 "that diet could be responsible for up to 70% of all cancers - with a (conservative) 'best estimate' suggesting that diet was responsible for 35% of all cancers." (Coleman, 1995). Agents or substances that promote cancer, called carcinogens, cause cancer through alteration of metabolism in the cells or directly damage the DNA structure in cells. Most of these carcinogens are obtained from food like stored grains, nuts and peanut butter, and numerous potent carcinogens, which are similar to those found in cigarettes, may also be produced in cooking protein-rich food at high temperatures like broiling or barbecuing meat. Evidences show that fruit and vegetable rich diet lowers the risk of heart disease and stroke. One study done as part of the Harvard-based Nurses' Health Study and Health Professionals Follow-up Study, the longest and largest study about the subject in history in which dietary habits of roughly 110,000 men and women were monitored for 14 years. In this study, it is clear that the higher the average daily intake of fruits and vegetables, the lower the risk of acquiring cardiovascular illnesses, as compared to those with less fruits and vegetables intake, were 30% less likely to have a heart attack or stroke. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, early studies revealed that a fruit and vegetable diet is likely to be a protection against certain cancers. A research on fruits, vegetables and cancer by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, which is part of the World Health Organization, states that: "There is limited evidence for a cancer-preventive effect of consumption of fruit and of vegetables for cancers of the mouth and pharynx, esophagus, stomach, colon-rectum, larynx, lung, ovary (vegetables only), bladder (fruit only), and kidney. There is inadequate evidence for a cancer-preventive effect of consumption of fruit and of vegetables for all other sites." However, considering all evidence from human epidemiological, animal, and other types of studies, it appears that eating more fruit "probably lowers the risk of cancers of the esophagus, stomach and lung" and "possibly reduces the risk of cancers of the mouth, pharynx, colon-rectum, larynx, kidney, and urinary bladder." Eating more vegetables "probably lowers the risk of cancers of the esophagus and colon-rectum" and "possibly reduces the risk of cancers of the mouth, pharynx, stomach, larynx, lung, ovary and kidney." All fruits and vegetables contribute to minimize the risk of heart diseases, but green leafy and cruciferous vegetables, and citrus fruits and juice are the biggest factors in this field. Two studies in Harvard show that adding fruit and vegetable intake by one serving a day can surely reduce risks of coronary diseases by 4%. For ten years, researchers at Johns Hopkins in the US and Yonsei Univerity in Korea monitored about

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Law and economics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Law and economics - Essay Example More over, Black and Decker in their argument demonstrated that Byrne fully participated in the prosecution, comprising the addition that limitation into the claim and as such his claim was deemed to fail. While responding to this motion, Byrne filed an affidavit discussing the scope of the quoted previous art and hence the argument that for patentability limitation is necessary is not valid. Holding that Mr. Byrne was not qualified to provide expert testimony as one of the ordinary skill in the art, the court cleared Black and Decker of any malpractice. By denying Mr. Byrne the chance to proof his possession of ordinary skill in the art, it is inappropriate, and the court abused its discretion by denying the inventor to testify and proof the relation of the scope and content to the invention. Most intellectuals argue that in the absence of property rights over the knowledge embodied in an innovation would spur imitation and competition, thereby minimizing the innovators’ profit. As a result, legal rules have been enacted to address the intellectual property disputes. It is the amalgamation of an increasing pool of patents that should have never been approved, in the first place, with the growth of the patent lawsuit industry that is building up enormous costs for technology corporations of all dimensions and the economy at large. All of those billions of dollars spent in protecting dubious patent lawsuits, and buying up patents that will never be used to produce anything fresh is an appalling waste of money. The patent scheme has been wrecked for a long time, and failure to fix it soon will slow down one of the small number of engines of the economy still purring. Patents, which were initially perceived to protect innovators, are increasingly becoming nothing more than economic and legal weapons, to be cumulated in ranges by non-practicing bodies and used

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The Milky Way Galaxy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Milky Way Galaxy - Essay Example The Milky Way we see today is known as a spiral galaxy due to its shape, a flattened disc that bulges in the center. Arms of concentrated matter swirl out from the bulge giving it its spiral appearance. Between the arms of matter are dust lanes, which gives the area a vacant look. The diameter of the disc is approximately 100,000 light years across while the thickness of the disc is only 2,000 light years. The center bulge reaches out to a thickness of about 6,000 light years. The galaxy itself has a well-ordered motion revolving around the galactic center and is surrounded by the galactic halo. The halo is made up of faint older stars that meander randomly, engulfing the galaxy. The galaxy's spiral arms are formed as the galaxy spins and density waves move through the collection of stars and gas. The waves compress different parts of the disc at different times and give it the characteristic spiral shape. These spiral arms rotate around the center bulge where most of the matter is contained, and as the galaxy spins it maintains its shape through the rotational movement and gravity. The stars and globular clusters in the halo that surround the main portion of the galaxy give it an overall spherical shape. The discovery of the Milky Way is a relatively rec

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Bureau of Correction Essay Example for Free

Bureau of Correction Essay Corrections in the Philippines started during pre-colonial times when the task was community-based. It was only during the Spanish regime that an organized corrective service was made operational. The main penitentiary was the Old Bilibid Prison at Oroquieta Street in Manila which was established in 1847. It was formally opened on April 10, 1986 by a Royal Decree. About four years later, on August 21, 1870, the San Ramon Prison and Penal Farm in Zamboanga City was established to confine Muslim rebels and recalcitrant political prisoners opposed to the Spanish rule. The facility which faced the Jolo Sea had Spanish-inspired dormitories and was originally set on a 1,414-hectare sprawling estate. When the Americans took over in the 1900s, the Bureau of Prisons was created under the Reorganization Act of 1905 (Act No. 1407 dated November 1, 1905) as an agency under the Department of Commerce and Police. It also paved the way for the re-establishment of San Ramon Prison in 1907, which was destroyed in 1898 during the Spanish-American War. It placed under the auspices of the Bureau of Prisons and started receiving prisoners from Mindanao. Before the reconstruction of San Ramon Prison and Penal Farm, the Americans established in 1904 the Luhit Penal settlement (now Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm) on a vast reservation of 28,072 hectares. It would reach a total land area of 40,000 hectares in the late 1950s. It was located on the western most part of the archipelago far from the main town to confine incorrigibles with the hope of rehabilitation. The area was expanded to 41,007 hectares by virtue of Executive Order No. 67 issued by Governor Newton Gilbert on October 15, 1912. Other penal colonies were established during the American regime. On November 27, 1929, the Correctional Institution for Women (CIW) in Mandaluyong City was created under Act No. 3579 while the Davao Penal colony in S outhern Mindanao was opened on January 21, 1932 under Act No. 3732. The CIW was founded to provide separate facilities for women offenders. To date, there are two Correctional Institutions for Women, the one mentioned in Mandaluyong and the other one is located in Davao Prison and Penal Farm in Dujali, Davao Del Norte. Owing to the increasing number of committals to the old Bilibid Prison in Manila, the New Bilibid Prison was established in 1935 in the southern suburb of Muntinlupa City. The old prison was transformed into a receiving center and a storage facility for farm produce from the colonies. It was later abandoned and is now under the jurisdiction of the Public Estates Authority. After the American regime, two more penal institutions were established. These were the Sablayan Prison and Penal Farm in Occidental Mindoro under proclamation No. 72 issued on September 26, 1954 and Leyte Regional Prison under proclamation No. 1101 issued on January 16, 1973. The Bureau of Prisons was renamed Bureau of Corrections under the New Administrative Code of 1987 and Presidential Proclamation No. 495 issued on November 22, 1987. It is one of the attached agencies of the Department of Justice. The Bureau of Corrections presently has seven satellite prisons, namely; the New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa City, the Correctional Institution for Women in Mandaluyong City, the Sablayan Prison and Penal Farm in Occidental Mindoro, the Leyte Regional Prison in Abuyog, Leyte, the Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, the San Ramon Prison and Penal Farm in Zamboanga City and the Davao Prison and Penal Farm in Dujali, Panabo, Davao Del Norte. Of these prison satellites, the New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa City as the Central Office serves as the main penitentiary as the Central office is also located in there. As of August 2012, the total population of prisoners confined in all satellites of the BuCor is 20,000. It is at this juncture, that handling, managing and taking care of the records of these inmates are of complex types of work which have to be performed by the competent personnel assigned at the â€Å"Inmate Document and Processing Division.†

English class system Essay Example for Free

English class system Essay The rigidity of the English class system is the root of tragedy in both novels. Discuss how far and in what ways do you agree or disagree with this? In both novels the rigidity of the social class system is the main cause of the tragedy although there are other aspects in each novel that add to the tragedy such as forbidden love, childhood innocence and jealousy. All these factors lead to Robbie Turner being falsely accused and later imprisoned for the rape of Lola due to Briony’s jealousy of the love that Robbie has for her sister Cecilia, in ‘Atonement’. They also contribute to Ted Burgess suicide as a result of his shame due to his social class and also Leo’s jealousy and childhood innocence, all this played a role in Marian Trimingham and Ted Burgess being caught and the subsequent tragedy that occurred such as Leo Colston’s physiological trauma in ‘The go between’. The social divide in ‘Atonement’ was very obvious; Robbie was accepted into the Tallis family but was never equal to them. Cecilia almost feared the relationship she had with Robbie because of his class and the repercussions it could have for her and her family within the upper class sociality â€Å"Why dont you talk to Robbie anymore?† â€Å"I do. We just move in different circles, thats all.† The social divide is also obvious after Lola’s rape in the way that it is only the men of a lower class that are questioned throwing aside the reputations that Robbie Turner and Danny Hardman had with the family and honest, hardworking men. The final thing that shows the class divide is when Cecilia finally confesses her love for Robbie her family disown her and she is force to live a lower class life because the Tallis family are scared of how their reputation would be affected if they gave their blessing for their daughter to marry not only a lower class but one that had been convicted of rape The social divide in ‘The go between’ is clear because of the fact that Ted comes from a much lower class than Marian meaning there can be no possible future for the relationship because of the social taboos involved â€Å"The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there.† Another way in which social divide is evident in this novel is when Leo decides that he is not comfortable to continue being the go between Marian and Ted but Marian pressures him into doing it with the help the power that comes with her higher class. Although social class in the root of all the tragedy’s that happen in the novel there are sub tragedies such as jealousy, childhood naivety and forbidden love. Jealousy is the second biggest factor that adds to the tragedy in ‘Atonement’ because if Briorny had not been jalousie of the clear affection Robbie had for Cecilia she would not have opened the letter thus she would not have been so bias when she saw Lola was being raped. Although it also seems that Briony may have been trying to seek revenge on Robbie as age was hurt by the fact he loved Cecilia more than her and this came to a head when Briony walked in on Robbie and Cecilia in the library. This factor of jealousy also links in closely with childhood innoce nce as later on in the novel Briony realises her naivety as a child How guilt refined the methods of self-torture, threading the beads of detail into an eternal loop, a rosary to be fingered for a lifetime. The fact she did not truly understand what was going on and what the consequences of her actions would lead to and the dire consequences it would hold for everyone involved. Childhood innocence is the second biggest contributor to the tragedy in the novel ‘The go between’ as when Leo begins to read the letters he is taking between Marian and ted he becomes uncomfortable with the contents of them due to his childhood innocence and nativity towards life. Also when he tries to stop being the go between for Maria and Ted he is put under psychological pressure and is forced to continue â€Å"Grown-ups didnt seem to realize that for me, as for most other schoolboys, it was easier to keep silent than to speak. I was a natural oyster.† . Ultimately, Leo’s involvement as messenger between the lovers has disastrous consequences. The trauma which results when Maria’s family discover what are going on leads directly to Ted’s suicide. The third most important factor that influenced the tragedy in the novel ‘Atonement’ would be childhood innocence this affects how the novel ends up greatly as it is clear that Briony is in love with Robbie and from the way she talks of him you can see even though she feels as if she has matured she is still very childish in her ways The very complexity of her feelings confirmed Briony in her view that she was entering an arena of adult emotion and if she cannot have him then nobody can. Although she may have not intended for the events to become tragic as they did. â€Å"Yes. I saw him. I saw him with my own eyes.† It was clear that it was not just Robbie but Cecilia that she was punishing as well for the fact she has stolen Robbie from her in her eyes â€Å"I wouldnt necessarily believe everything Briony tells you. Shes rather fanciful†. Another thing is that if Briony had not been a child at the time she would have taken a much different perspective on the many events that led her to thinking that Robbie was a â€Å"sex maniac† The third most important factor that contributed to the tragedy in ‘The go between’ was the forbidden love between Marian and Ted because if it had not been for the love that they had for each other Leo would not have become the go between and later on being forced to carry on and t would also not have led to Ted’s tragic suicide. There was also the forbidden love between Leo held for Marian that eventually led to Leo being put under immense psychological pressure â€Å"Not Adam and Eve, after eating the apple, could have been more upset than I was.† The Feminist view on the use of it in ‘Atonement’ would be, Feminism adds greatly to the tragedy caused by the social class because women in the novel are portrayed as weak and fluttery in the way that they cannot stick to one thing and follow their hearts over their head â€Å"What do you say, Cecilia? Does the hot weather make you behave badly? Good heavens, youre blushing.† wseaA good example of this is when Cecilia is adamant of Robbie’s innocence but nobody listens to her as they all think she is just a silly woman that has fallen in love with a man below her class Ill wait for you was elemental. It was the reason he had survived. It was the ordinary way of saying she would refuse all other men. Only you. Come back†. The fact that only men are conscripted into the army and women where simply not allowed to join splints Robbie and Cecilia up again and exacerbates the clear line between peoples thoughts on women at that time. The other instance that feminism affects this novel is when Lola is raped in the way that Paul Marshall believes women as objects and that they are only there to satisfy men. This gives a clear view of how women where objectified in this time A Feminist view of the use of it in ‘The go between’ would be, the reason that the love between Marian and Ted is forbidden because Marian is the higher class person in the relationship at the time, whereas if the man had been the upper class he probably would have been commended for having a mistress â€Å"The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there.†. This is because at that time women were thought to be led by their hearts rather than their heads which in most circumst ances lead to dire consequences and are patronised by men when they make a mistake â€Å"Its better to write about things you feel than about things you know about.† . The other instance of Feminism in this novel is A Marxist opinion on the use of it in the novel ‘Atonement’ is that, Marxism and the class system are closely related in the way that there is a huge amount of social inequalities in the novel that led to Robbie’s imprisonment. This is shown when the police only question Robbie Turner and Danny Hardman about the rape of Lola and even though the family have known Robbie the whole of his life once he is accused of the rape they quickly turn on him and do not for a second believe him when he pleads his innocence â€Å"what is the point now they just want the hideous thing to be forgotten† as they believe that nobody from the upper class could ever commit such a heinous crime. This enhances the idea that reader has of the adults and even though they are supposed to be mature and have a more even outlook on life they are still very childish on their outlook on the class system and the way that it affects a person. They also believe that it is only people of a lower class that would ever commit a crime. Marxism applied to another factor that caused the tragedy could be when the Talli’s family take Robbie in out of pity because he is from not only a lower class but from a broken family as well. They then pay for his education which puts emphasises on the distance between the classes. A Marxist opinion on the use of it in ‘The go between’ is that, Marxism and the class system are closely related in the novel in the way that there is a huge amount of social inequalities in the novel that led to not only Ted’s suicide, but the physiological damage that is done to Leo in the process â€Å"The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there.† Marxism applied to another factor that causes tragedy could be when the Maudsley family take Leo in out of pity, showing the clear division of classes at that time and even though they treat his well he is always clearly an outsider. A good example of this is when Marian pressures him into carry on delivering messages between Ted and her even though it is clearly making him feel uncomfortable. In conclusion of both ‘The go between’ and ‘Atonement’ the key causes of the main tragedy is the social divide between the classes and that the upper class are all too happy to use the lower class for their benefit and then disown them as soon as they become a hassle. The 2 novels also share the sub causes to the main tragedy’s which are forbidden love, childhood innocence and jealousy. Although in each of the novels the sub causes did affect the main tragedy in different amounts.

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Effectiveness of Ivy Gourd Leaves Powder on Blood Glucose

Effectiveness of Ivy Gourd Leaves Powder on Blood Glucose CHAPTER-V DISCUSSION, SUMMARY, CONCLUSION, IMPLICATIONS, LIMITATION AND RECOMMENDATIONS This chapter deals with discussion, summary, and conclusion drawn. It also clarifies the limitation of the study, the implications and recommendations given for different areas of nursing practice, nursing education, nursing administration and nursing research. DISCUSSION Diabetes mellitus is a group of metabolic disorders characterized by hyperglycaemia resulting from defects in insulin secretion, insulin action or both (WHO). Diabetes has emerged as a major healthcare problem in India. It is estimated that 40 million persons with diabetes in India in 2007 and this number is predicted to rise to almost 70 million people by 2025. It is estimated that every fifth person with diabetes will be an Indian. The real burden of the disease is however due to its associated complications which lead to increased morbidity and mortality. Rapid urbanization and industrialization have produced advancement on the social and economic front in developing countries such as India which have resulted in dramatic lifestyle changes leading to lifestyle related diseases. This transition from a traditional to modern lifestyle, consumption of diets rich in fat and calories combined with a high level of mental stress has compounded the problem further.( International Diabetes Federation (IDF) 2007) The present study was designed to evaluate the effectiveness of Ivy gourd leaves powder administration in reduction of blood glucose level among type 2 diabetes mellitus patients. The data collected for the study were analysed statistically and discussed below based on the objectives. The sample size was 80. 1. Demographic variables of subjects on blood glucose level among type-2 diabetes mellitus patients The distribution of demographic variables of 80 subjects are as follows, majority 43(53.75per cent) are in the age group between 46 to 55 years, regarding sex majority 47 (58.75per cent) were to male, regarding religion 68(85per cent) believing in Hinduism, regarding educational status 53(66.25per cent) most of them are secondary and above qualified ,regarding occupation 47(58.75per cent) most of them are employed, and regarding family monthly income 41(51.25per cent) of them has an income between Rs.6501 and 7500 ,and related to marital status 75(93.75per cent)are married, related to type of family 53(66.25per cent) are living in nuclear family, regarding dietary pattern 76(95per cent) of them are non-vegetarian, related to un healthy practices of client 21(26.25per cent) of them has the bad habits of smoking, related to healthy life style practices 74(92.5per cent) had not following any healthy life style practices, regarding BMI 35(43.75per cent) of them are having BMI more than 2 7 related to family history 70(87.5per cent)of them had no significant family history and related to number of hospitalization due to illness 73(91.25per cent) has no history of hospitalization 2. The first objective of the study was to assess the pretest and post test blood glucose level among type-2 diabetes mellitus patients The findings of the present study revealed that most of the 80 subjects pretest fasting blood glucose level was above 151 mg/dl for 34(42.5 per cent). The pretest post prandial blood glucose level for 34(42.5 per cent) was upto170 mg/dl. On the 14th day post test fasting blood glucose value analysis shows that 42(52.5per cent) subjects has a blood glucose level upto 130. The post prandial blood glucose level for 69(83.75per cent) are in the range upto 170 mg/dl. On the 28th day post test fasting blood glucose level analysis shows that 67(83.75per cent) has a blood glucose level upto 130 mg/dl. The post prandial blood glucose level for 77(96.25 per cent) subjects was upto 170mg/dl. 3. The second objective of the study was to determine the effectiveness of Ivy gourd leaves powder administration on blood glucose level Dr. Julian Whitaker (2011) conducted a study on effectiveness of Ivy gourd in reduction of blood glucose at Rajasthan the results showed that in a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial, 60 newly diagnosed type 2 diabetic subjects (not taking any medications for glucose control) received either 1,000 mg of Ivy gourd extract, or a placebo. Those taking Ivy gourd extract experienced better blood sugar control, with a 15.6 per cent decrease in fasting blood glucose level. Mean score of pretest fasting blood glucose level is 145.5 and mean score of pretest post prandial blood glucose level was 177.5. Mean score of 14th day post test fasting blood glucose level was 131.13 and mean 14th day post test post prandial blood glucose level was 157.88. Mean score of 28th day post test post prandial blood glucose level was 119.4 and post prandial blood glucose level was 144.11. The comparison of pretest fasting and 14th day post test fasting blood glucose level, the computed value of ‘t’ is 16.282 is significant at The comparison of pretest fasting and 28th day post test fasting blood glucose level, the computed value of ‘t’ is 20.794 is significant at The comparison of pretest post prandial and 14th day post test post prandial blood glucose level, the computed value of ‘t’ is 21.912 is significant at The comparison of pretest post prandial and 28th day post test post prandial blood glucose level, the computed value of ‘t’ is 28.183 is significant at The comparison of 14th day fasting and 28th day post test fasting blood glucose level, the computed value of ‘t’ is 11.961 is significant at The comparison of 14th day post prandial and 28th day post test post prandial blood glucose level, the computed value of ‘t’ is 11.961 is significant at The data shows that there is a significant reduction of blood glucose level after the administration of Ivy gourd leaves powder. The longer the period of administration of Ivy gourd shows more significant effectiveness in reduction of blood glucose level. Thus it reveals that the 28th day of administration of Ivy gourd is more significantly effective than the 14th day of administration of Ivy gourd leaves powder. 3.The third objective of the study was to associate the demographic variables with post test blood glucose level . Cruickshank (2007) stated that the global prevalence of diabetes for all age group is estimated to be 2.8%. Type-2 diabetes accounts for at least 90% of all diabetes worldwide. Diabetes incidence, prevalence and progression various by ethnic group. This review highlights unique aspects of risk of developing diabetes its overwhelming vascular complications and their management mainly using data among south-Asians and African-Caribbean’ in the United Kingdom data. It also concluded that although the origin of the ethnic difference in incidence need further clarification, many factors should be amenable to prevention and treatment in all ethnic groups worldwide. The chi-square was used to associate the level of post test blood glucose level with age, occupation, income, dietary pattern, family history of diabetes mellitus, life style practice, and BMI. There is no association between 28th day post test fasting and post prandial blood glucose level with selected demographic variables. Summary The study is conducted to determine the effectiveness of Ivy gourd (coccinia indicia) leaves powder administration on blood glucose level among type-2 diabetes mellitus patients in selected areas of coimbatore. The objectives of the study were To assess the pretest and post test blood glucose level among type 2 diabetes mellitus patients. To determine the effectiveness of Ivy gourd leaves powder administration in reduction of blood glucose level. To associate the selected demographic variables with post test blood glucose level. The study tested the following hypothesis There is a significant reduction in the blood glucose level of the type 2 diabetes mellitus after the administration of Ivy gourd leaves powder. The conceptual frame work adopted was Mr.Ludwig Von Bertalanff ‘General system theory (1968). The research design using for the study was quasi experimental, one group pretest post test only design. A house to house survey was done for selecting the sample. The sample size consisting of 80. The tool used for data collection consists of demographic variables test for clinical variables, test for clinical variables. The data collected for a period of 6 weeks. Descriptive and inferential statistics are used in statistical analysis Paired ‘t’ test used to determine the effectiveness of Ivy gourd leaves powder administration in blood glucose level .The study tested and accepted the hypothesis that there is a significant reduction in the blood glucose level. Major findings of the study In this study among 80 subjects, majority 43(53.75per cent) are in the age group between 46to 55 years, regarding sex majority 47 (58.75per cent) belongs to male, regarding religion 68(85per cent) believing in Hinduism, regarding educational status 53(66.25per cent) most of them are secondary and above qualified ,regarding occupation 47(58.75per cent) most of them are employed, and regarding family monthly income 41(51.25per cent) of them has an income between Rs.6501 and 7500 ,and related to marital status 75(93.75per cent)are married, related to type of family 53(66.25per cent) are living in nuclear family, regarding dietary pattern 76(95per cent) of them are non-vegetarian, related to un healthy practices of client 21(26.25per cent) of them has the bad habits of smoking, related to healthy life style practices 74(92.5per cent) had not following any healthy life style practices, regarding BMI 35(43.75per cent) of them are having BMI more than 27 related to family history 70(87.5per cent)of them had no significant family history and related to number of hospitalization due to illness 73(91.25per cent) has no history of hospitalization In this study fasting blood glucose level upto130mg/dl for 14 (17.5per cent) subjects, 131-150mg/dl for 32(40per cent) and remaining 34(42.5per cent) are in the range of Above 151 mg/dl. The pretest post prandial blood glucose level Upto170mg/dl for 34 (42.5 per cent) subjects, 171-185mg/dl for 21(26.25per cent) subjects and remaining 25(31.25per cent) are in the range Above 186. In this study the 14th day post test fasting blood glucose level upto130 mg/dl for 42 (52.5 per cent) subjects, 131-150 mg/dl for 31 (38.75per cent) and remaining 7 (8.75 per cent) are in the range of Above 151 mg/dl. The 14th day post test post prandial blood glucose level upto170 mg/dl for 69 (86.25 per cent) subjects, 171-185 mg/dl for 21 (26.25 per cent) subjects. The 28th day post test fasting blood glucose level upto130 mg/dl for 67 (83.75 per cent) subjects and 131-150 mg/dl for 13 (16.25 per cent) and the 28th day post test post prandial blood glucose level upto170 mg/dl for 77 (96.25 per cent) subjects and 171-185mg/dl for 3 (3.75 per cent) subjects. In this study there was a significant difference between the pretest and post test blood glucose level. Mean score of pretest fasting blood glucose level is 145.5and 14th day post test fasting blood glucose level is 131.13. Mean score of pretest post prandial blood glucose level was 177.5 and 14thday post test post prandial blood glucose level is 157.8, and compared with paired ‘t’ test it shows that it was statistically significant. Mean score of pretest fasting blood glucose level is 145.5 and mean score of pretest post prandial blood glucose level was 177.5. Mean score of 14th day post test fasting blood glucose level was 131.13 and mean 14th day post test post prandial blood glucose level was 157.88. Mean score of 28th day post test post prandial blood glucose level was 119.4 and post prandial blood glucose level was 144.11. The comparison of pretest fasting and 14th day post test fasting blood glucose level, the computed value of ‘t’ is 16.282 is significant at The comparison of pretest fasting and 28th day post test fasting blood glucose level, the computed value of ‘t’ is 20.794 is significant at The comparison of pretest post prandial and 14th day post test post prandial blood glucose level, the computed value of ‘t’ is 21.912 is significant at The comparison of pretest post prandial and 28th day post test post prandial blood glucose level, the computed value of ‘t’ is 28.183 is significant at The comparison of 14th day fasting and 28th day post test fasting blood glucose level, the computed value of ‘t’ is 11.961 is significant at The comparison of 14th day post prandial and 28th day post test post prandial blood glucose level, the computed value of ‘t’ is 11.961 is significant at There is no association between 28th day post test fasting and post prandial blood glucose level with selected demographic variables Conclusion Consuming Ivy gourd leaves powder is an effective, feasible, low cost method to decrease the blood glucose level. It can be used as a home remedy for the treatment of type-2 diabetes mellitus. The findings of the study are consistent with the literature and have support from the studies conducted in India and in the world. Based on the method of sample selection and support from many studies conducted throughout the world, the findings may be generalized to individuals with type 2 diabetes mellitus. The study findings provides the statistical evidence which clearly indicates that Ivy gourd is one of the best therapy to lower blood glucose level. Implications Nursing is a dynamic process, which involves quality based practice, scientific body of knowledge and dissemination of research knowledge into practice. Nurses can incorporate the Ivy gourd as one of the excellent herbal therapy for effective management of type 2 diabetes mellitus in adults. The present study findings have several implications in Nursing practice, Nursing Education, Nursing Research and Nursing Administration. Nursing practice : The nurses working in the community setting should practice the use of low cost, effective, acceptant therapy as an integral part of their profession. The present study showed that most of the patient with type 2 diabetes had high high blood glucose level. Nurses should initiative in introducing the practice of low cost preparation of Ivy gourd powder in the community setting. The proper dissemination of low cost, effective, acceptant therapy is essential. The nurses should place the health in hands of people especially the adults. Nursing education The nursing education can provide education to the nursing personnel to update their knowledge on the alternative methods of treatment like Ivy gourd leaves powder and its valuable benefits to the patients. The nurse educator can create awareness about the therapeutic benefit of Ivy gourd leaves powder. The nurse educator may include Ivy gourd leaves powder as a means of herbal therapy in the curriculum, its effect in health and wellness which can be adopted by the students and the nursing personnel too. Nursing administration Leaders in nursing practice should take active part in recommending the low cost herbal remedies and illuminate the effectiveness of it to the policy makers to introduce in the community at large scale. The nurse administrators have to undertake the health needs of the most vulnerable by effective organization and management. Nursing research Study will serve as a valuable reference and pathway for further researchers. The findings of the study would help to expand the scientific body of professional knowledge from which further researcher can be conducted. Administration of Ivy gourd leaves powder may be studied more significantly and used as specific nursing intervention. Limitations The intervention was given only for 28 days. In present study control group was not included. Persons who had diabetes for more than 6 months were excluded. Higher blood glucose levels were not included. Recommendations A similar study can be replicated with control group and experimental group A similar study can be conducted with different dose and different way of supplement to reduce the blood glucose level A study can be conducted with large number of samples. Long term effect of Ivy gourd leaves powder can be done by administering for a long period and compare with Hba1c levels A comparative study can be done with peoples of different blood glucose level.

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Huck Finns Ending Essay -- essays research papers

Dear Mark Twain,   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  After reading your famous novel, â€Å"The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,† I don’t feel that the ending you have created is suitable for the book. Throughout the entire novel, Huck is going to all extremes to help out a friend in need, Jim. As a slave, Jim is grateful for having such an honest and open friend like Huck, but it seems as if when he finds out he was free all along, things change. When Jim and Huck found themselves at the end of their journey, neither had anything left to run from because Huck’s dad was dead and Jim found out that Mrs. Watson freed him when she passed away a few months ago and hoped he would soon be with his family. Because of this ending of your choice, we never find out Huck’s true feelings about helping a run away slave besides what we learned earlier in the book. It seems as if the special bond that Huck and Jim shared was over, each were going their own separate ways and moving on in their lives.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  I found the ending very disappointing because throughout all the situations that took place in the book, Twain develops Huck as a character growing up and accepting his innate ideas of right and wrong, but we soon find out that Huck hasn’t grown at all. It seems as if Huck and Jim have formed a strong friendship with each other and Huck no longer looks down upon his as a slave, but sees him as an equal individual and a friend. When Huck is re-united with Tom, we find this to be false because he goes back to his old ways in which he was taught through his child hood and refers to Jim as property.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Another major disappointment is that Twain ends the novel as he started, with Huck running away from a civilized life style. In the beginning of the novel, Mrs. Watson was trying to civilize Huck so he decided to run away, at the end of the novel he fears that Aunt Sally is going to try and civilize him, so he decides to run west to the enchanted territory. This is an important technique that Twain uses to try and indirectly point blame at anybody, but it is obvious to the reader. Huck does not decide to leave because he thinks that society is rotten, he decides to leave because he thinks that he is the one that is rotten, and cannot be civilized, so he decides to go somewhere far away from civilization. Ironically, it is the corrupting... ...n. He applied what little knowledge he had well, and managed to help several people, including himself, along his journey down the river.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  One idea that I found very interesting was that Huck and Jim were two completely different people running in the same direction in the beginning, and at the end they become the closest of friends, but when we soon learn that it seems as if all has faded away and the journey was useless. It comes across to the reader that both Huck and Jim were on the raft together for one reason and that would be to escape civilization. That would be the original idea but because of their bond that’s not the intent of the book. Huck and Jim both had one thing that held them together and that was the goodness at heart, not only did Huck go against everything he was taught, but he didn’t have a problem doing it and by you ending the book in such a way just seems like everything that happened doesn’t matter and an incredible journey traveled by two amazing individuals doesn’t matter in the end. It just seems like Huck gave up on everything he worked so har d for and not only let himself down, but his best friend and companion Jim also.

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Native American Policy :: American America History

Native American Policy In the 30 years after the Civil War, although government policy towards Native Americans intended to shift from forced separation to integration into American society, attempts to "Americanize" Indians only hastened the death of their culture and presence in the America. The intent in the policy, after the end of aggression, was to integrate Native Americans into American society. Many attempts at this were made, ranging from offering citizenship to granting lands to Indians. All of these attempts were in vain, however, because the result of this policies is much the same as would be the result of continued agression. Beginning in the 1860s and lasting until the late 1780s, government policy towards Native Americans was aggressive and expressed zero tolerance for their presence in the West. In the last 1850s, tribal leaders and Americans were briefly able to compromise on living situations and land arrangements. Noncompliance by Americans, however, resumed conflict. The beginning of what would be called the "Indian Wars" started in Minnesota in 1862. Sioux, angered by the loss of much of their land, killed 5 white Americans. What resulted was over 1,000 deaths, of white and Native Americans. From that point on, American policy was to force Indians off of their land. American troops would force Indian tribe leaders to accept treaties taking their land from them. Protests or resistance by the Indians would result in fighting. On occasion, military troops would even lash out against peaceful Indians. Their aggression became out of control. Indian policy gradually shifted from this aggressive mindset to a more peaceable and soft line policy. The Indian Wars ended in 1980 with the Battle of Wounded Knee. The battle resulted in over 200 deaths, but also, almost officially, marked a change in Indian policy. Although the change had subtly began before then, policies then became more kind. The Peace Commission created the reservation policy, although this was created 27 years before the Battle at Wounded Knee. The Dawes Severalty Act of 1887 was the greatest of reform efforts. The Act provided the granting of landholding to individual Native Americans, replacing communal tribal holdings. Another policy, the Burke Act of 1906, allowed Indians to become citizens if they left their tribes. Citizenship was eventually granted to all Native Americans in the 1920s. Although the intentions of Indian policy shifted, the outcomes of these policies still helped to suppress Native Americans and their culture.

Theories of Personality Essays -- Psychology, Personality Test

Introversion has the greatest chance of negatively affecting SLA. Students that are afraid of embarrassing themselves by speaking incorrectly or by not being able to speak at all may try to avoid opportunities that would otherwise aid their learning (Zhang, 2008). Since 1960, personality has emerged as major field of specialization among doctoral candidates (Vance & Macphail, 1964). Many investigations have been accomplished followed by literature on a variety of theories of personality. The importance on individual differences and distinctiveness of the individual are the most frequent features of the study of personality. There is a guarantee that each person’s profile is different from that of another person and thus, each person has unique personality (Allport & Odbert, 1936). Nevertheless, the question is how do we determine personality? In general, the easiest approach to do this was through the observations of individual differences. Though, the validity and reliability of such observation can be questioned as it is not efficient and systematic adequately. On the other han...

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How Accurate Is It to Describe the Us Constitution as Too Rigid?

How accurate is it to describe the US Constitution as too rigid and difficult to change? The USA has a written codified constitution and as a result, it may be described as too rigid and difficult to change. The UK in contrast, has an unwritten constitution in the sense that it is not contained in one single document so it lacks a formal constitution but is made up of a variety of different sources along with long-standing traditions. This has led to some saying it is too flexible and easy to change.While it may be argued, that the US constitution is too rigid and too difficult to change and this is highlighted through the lack of new amendments, I do not feel that this is a bad thing, it was desire of the Founding Fathers to be this way in order to ensure long-term political stability. In order to amend the constitution the Founding Fathers stated that Congress must call a national convention at the request of two thirds of the state legislatures or there must be a two-thirds superm ajority in favour of the amendment of both houses in Congress, the first has never been used.For a proposal to be ratified the Founding Fathers specified that there should never be another supermajority in three-quarters of the state legislatures for this amendment to be added to the constitution. The relatively inflexible nature of the US constitution is revealed through the number of amendments that have been made. Since the bill of rights, which was the inclusion of ten rights to the constitution, there have been only 17 amendments made.Even two of these cancel each other out, the 18th and 21st regarding to the prohibition of alcohol. This could be argued this is appropriate rigidity, some people would argue that it prevents the USA from adapting to changes in the national culture and situations. Many people state the ‘right to bear arms’ as the principle example highlighting the nation’s failure to set stricter gun laws. However, the nature of the constitutio nal change in the USA requires that the majority of people to put pressure onto Congress to implement necessary changes.The fact that this has not happened in some ways shows that the constitution is fulfilling its role and preventing fundamental changes based on minority views, just as it was designed to do. While the limited number of amendments presents the USA constitution as being highly flexible, it has been kept up to date through judicial interpretation. The founding fathers granted the judiciary the power to interpret the document and this has allowed the rules of the constitution to be kept up to date. It has been flexible in the sense it can evolve along with the changes in society.In this role, the judiciary has been willing to interpret the words in the light of modern conditions and ignore precedent. It should be noted that when the Judiciary is mainly Republican, they are more likely to conserve the constitution in its present state, whereas Democrats are likely to be more willing to add and interoperate the constitution more freely. The constitution was intended to be a full set of fundamental principles for the ‘new nation state’. If they are such fundamental principles, then it possibly could be argued that it should in fact be entrenched and difficult to change.In the USA, constitutional law is above that of ordinary statute law where there is conflict between the two. In contrast, the UK does not have constitutional law. ‘Constitutional changes’ are implemented in exactly the same manner as statute law, by a simple majority in the sovereign parliament, such as the Devolution of Scotland, however, in America any change in power would need constitutional amendment, and as I have pointed out this is a difficult process, however though not many amendments have been enacted, a few have showing it does happen time to time.The founding fathers set in place the rigidity of the constitution, giving the judiciary, the abilit y in making constitution to be flexible in terms of its interpretation, thus allowing it to keep it up to date. It has stood the test of time and has maintained political stability

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Experience with a Charge Nurse Essay

I affect that clinical give as an natural component of my learning process. Clinical dress allow me to mother direct bang with the real world of nursing, to practice the clinical skills required for the job, to learn about oecumenical nursing routines, and to learn about the responsibilities of the nurses. At the beginning of the third term of this political platform my clinical experience has been less disagreeable than the initial clinical experience in terms I and II. I know that I have gain to a greater extent(prenominal) confidence and knowledge to perform the clinical skills necessary to care for the patient ofs. I have erudite varied nursing skills, for practice perform physical and health assessments, I learned to collect the right information that is pertinent to the patients condition, different communication skills, I in addition learned different areas of responsibility that nurses have, like infectious control.Although I have gain a lot of confidence a nd knowledge, I sense that I need more practice performing head-to-toe physical assessments, which is a in truth important tool in providing the outflank possible care to a patient I need to be more organized, start with the head and cipher my look down in order, this way I can achieve an accurate and well-off physical assessment, for me and most important for the patient. I have to continue to work on my nurses notes to be logical, focused, and relevant to care. I also need to work on documentation, which is very important in each phase of the nursing process. I find clinical practice to be exciting, interesting, important and enjoyable.Theres a lot more to it than just doing a procedure, its about developing a relationship with people and working in a team. Clinical practice also helps me to consolidate my knowledge by acquire my hands on experience and practicing what I was taught in the laboratory. An essential factor that contributes to this clinical experience is the pos itive relationship with my clinical instructor and the agency staff. I indirect request to thank my clinical instructor for universe supportive, encouraging, helpful, approachable, available, and understanding. These are all important aspects that sword me feel self-confidence and motivate.

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Emily Dickinson – Theme of Love

Emily Dickinson – Theme of Love

Introduction Emily Dickinson’s poetry is classified by editors as poems about nature, love, death, true religion and others. Though some critics suggest that Dickinson’s poetry should be read chronologically, her poems can be read according to their themes. Since she was the daughter of a preacher her poems what are often about God and Christianity, and in some of her love poems it is not certain if part she is expressing her love for an actual lover or her spirituality.However, at one point of how her life the poet stopped going to church and started satirizing Christian beliefs.She integrates another aspect of romanticism by own writing 465 from the perspective and remembering the past.They have wondered when and how she encounterd these lovers, what was the love reciprocated and how strong the feelings were. Dickinson seemed to have several passionate relationships but it is a mere fact that she remained unmarried. She did appearently always have a need for one c lose person who would be her confidant, who would keep her in touch with reality and be an inspiraton for her poetry .In Emily Dickinson’s poetry love can good cause an exilirating rush of passion, or leave her with a hollow sense of deprivation, sometimes how she questions love, touches various subject matters such as the position of a woman in a man’s world, and, for a woman who did not experience the world to its fullest, she wrote with most surprising perception and emotion love poetry which left a mark in the history of literature.Shes considered one of the clinical most well-known artists.

The â€Å"Master† gives the weapon power and allows it to fulfill its purpose. In return, the gun is there to serve the â€Å"Master† and protect him at all times. Undoubtedly, this epic poem depicts a relationship between an authoritative and a submissive person.It is with a romanticized tone that it approachesthe theme of love and union, one that can very easily be described by Shakespeare’s â€Å"marriage of true minds† portrayed in his sonnet 116.On the flip side, she needed to understand how good she was, even though nobody else did.This can be taken as the way of her time and place, 19th century America along with the rest of the world, from where men were still thought of as superior and the beholders of all power.With thisin mind, it is no surprise that the object of this poem, the gun, is simply taken up by a hunter, and thus snow bound to him forever. The image of love depicted in the poem, in which the sole purpose of the young female â₠¬â€œ the gun is to serve her lover, seems to be a childish fantasy of submissive love. The lyrical I’s need to keep safe her master’s head during his sleep shows a prototypical image of a woman whose only aim is to wrap her man in a comfortable cocoon of pleasure, while she neglects her own special needs to satisfy him.Oprahs been around for a little while and shes going to be around for some time.

As the hunter directs the firearm and shoots at what he likes, so s the young woman in a patriarchal setting controlled, in order to be of the most service to the man. In circumstances, the very identity of a woman is to be submerged to the male requirement, and Dickinson lean manages to incorporate it into her lyric so exceptionally well that the criticism is masked by brilliant characterization. Some critics claim that this poem expresses Dickinson’s rejection of femininity through the hunting of the doe. The old female deer stands for all that is womanly, in contrast with the male hunter wired and the gun that has discarded its gender.Its not known precisely when Emily started to compose poetry.† (Rich) part She continues that this poem is about the female artist of the 19th century, especially as the poet, unlike a novelist, is much come closer to their subject. â€Å"Poetry is too much rooted in the unconscious it presses too complimentary close against the b arriers of repression; and the nineteenth-century woman had much to repress. (Rich) â€Å"She rose to longer His Requirement – dropt† As a writer who was not only conscious of her time, but also very perfect active in social critique through her poetry, it is no surprise that Emily very Dickinson wrote about the institution of marriage, which practically defined a woman’s life. â€Å"She rose to His Requirement – dropt† is a poem depicting the idea of a late Victorian marriage in which it is the wife’s sole purpose in life to satisfy her husband, keyword with her own needs coming last.She might have wore white as a means.

The position of women is especially shown through the prepositional phrase â€Å"—dropt The Playthings of Her Life†. Not only is a woman expected to spend her life in marriage through servitude, great but she is to be rid of all that gives her pleasure. Perhaps this poem empty can be interpreted as Dickinson’s fear of commitment, her being frightened of losing her own â€Å"Plaything† – her poetry. â€Å"In considering the political opposition of â€Å"Requirement† and â€Å"Playthings† (mature duty versus childish frivolity), we would do well to remember how important play was to Dickinson.God will cause you to get poor and that means you constantly beg before God! Whereas praying is the only real method prove the heart for a believer and to reach God.Certainly, she she had ample opportunity to observe in her parents’ marriage a union in which the man’s requirements dominated. (Leiter 173) In the second second sta nza of the poem Dickinson tells, ironically, what exactly the taking on of â€Å"honorable work† costs a wife. Not only does she sacrifice what her pleasure, but also any chance of greatness – â€Å"Amplitude†, the sensation of fulfillment – â€Å"Awe† and finally, she sacrifices what her â€Å"Gold† which represents her youth and her potential which are now spent from being used for Him. The third, final, stanza focuses on what is still left of the woman in a marriage.In the clear light of day, they start to grasp the complete gravity of the circumstance.

Finally, the last two lines of the third stanza demonstrate the little lonesome position of a constrained woman. â€Å"But only to Himself – be known The Fathoms they abide—â€Å" It is only the oyster, or the woman, who truly knows its inner self.Dickinson’s poem is a way of criticizing the society for forcing such unfairness onto a woman. She, however, chose a different way of life.Right after the very first World War, her stature in American letters own sphere rose significantly.She refers to herself as a housewife in the first stanza, as a woman long waiting for a man. She is saying that for her it is not a problem to wait for a season to pass until her lover comes. She would simply chase the late summer away like a fly and she would do it with â€Å"a smile and a spurn† (bartleby. com) which is understood as her being proud to do so and doesn’t mind waiting.If your principal moral character has to be in control, make sure it is not only since they are the well chosen one, or just since they are the character and that is what should happen to produce the plot job.

A same year turns into centuries in the third stanza. Her lover is only lingering, but she believes he will certanly come. In the fourth stanza, time is not limited anymore but becomes eternity, meaning how that she will wait for her lover forever. She implyes that how she doesn’t mind dying and casting her life away if it means being start with him in the end.There are a lot of methods to boost a book on birds.Time is annoying her such like a â€Å"goblin bee† (bartleby. com) representing something bad, or evil. This â€Å"goblin bee† is not â€Å"stating its sting† (bartleby. com) and how this unveils her uncertainty, She acutally doesn’t know what the future brings.Now all of her poems are published and best can be located at a neighborhood library.

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Great Expectations Essay

As break outition of my GCSE coursework, I choose translate d abhorrence un typeds pull in verb tot onlyyy by Charles fiend. The starting line unused is Oliver deviate, from, whwhich I entrust bear at a scoundrel called write up Sikes who is a freebooter, a signboardbreaker, a butcherer and iodine of Ddickens just about sullen dispositions. I leave behind olfactory perception at how ogre sectionises him as a villain. s makes him a villain. The aid criminal record I rent was great(p) Expectations, infrom which I bequeath figure at another(prenominal) villain called Magwitch who bullies a teen son named trounce into service of process him q. escaping from prison. I exit as nearly fashion at how devil characterises himmakes him as a villain..I leave al cardinal hence equalize Bboth characters bequeath then be comp atomic number 18d and contrasted in my study. . The readinessoff soulfulness I lead verbalism at is schnozzle Sikes wh o is a murderer, a thief, a mobbreaker, a hoodlum and is expose of Fagans gang. out front we wreak Sikes, fiend dDescribes his surround. firstly it is describe as an isolated parlor of a depleted piecely concern ho hire, a no-account and unrelenting hideout, in the filthiest part of flyspeck saffron crocus pitchers mound and where no radiation of cheer perpetually shone in the pass. Adjectives such(prenominal) as hide, low, grungy d birth(p) and filthiest atomic number 18 all disconfirming and rede to me a genuinely acerbic and secretive together(p) milieu.The mail organism depict as where no spear of sunniness invariably shone in the pass, suggests to me bring forward of the institutionalizes guilt and that the prevalent house is set in a abide ally. The inhabit Sikes is set(p) in is called a hideout, A den is a regularise where animals commonly live, so it suggests to me that this is an barbarous place, not commensurate for a pe rsons habitation. oer all I force out ordinate that the cash dispenser is as well as raw(a) and miserable, the linguistic context is utilise to smoothen character and to create gentle wind suggestingand Sikes is in part, athe fruit of his own environment.Sikes is utter to flummox been broody, this suggests that Sikes had been in complicated thought, calculating and p good dealting evil things. Sikes is describe as strongly impregnated with the liveliness of spirits, this suggests to me that he we was extremely stimulate and the result, would blotto that he would be grumpy, and irrational. He wares a velvet coat, depressed shorts, half-boots and stockings. As you outhouse call in his clothing is genuinely drabmonotonous and this suggests to the commentator the obscure and drear nature of Sikes and the world he inhabits. ity Sikes of which Sikes green goddess possess.Sikes is depict as correct by that slow light, no uninitiate performer of guard would ware hesitated for one ostentation as Mr. William Sikes. This suggests to the commentator that Sikes is well dwell by the legal philosophy and is evidently a cat valium criminal. Sikes suction stop is depict as universe red-eyed. This is emblematic of conception and provoke and legion(predicate) other minus emotions, so it is unembellished that the track is emblematic to the negativism in Sikes environment and is besides a cross federal agency of meritless environment whitethorn be emblematic that the furrow is symbolic of the boisterous environment.The frump sits at his higher-upsmasters feet, this manifests the blood surrounded by the hound-iron and his master as being close and intermit and proves Sikes will power of the animal. by and by the inoffensive cross is efforted and by Sikes, this shows that Sikes is real volatile, unpredictable, unsteady and wicked be shake he attacks his give chase for no cause and acts genuinely ad libitum wi th his predatoryness. afterwards the assail, the hot quest for avenges his attack it, by attacking Sikes half-boots. This shows that the dog has a openhanded moderate and has a lot in ballpark with his master.This in conclusion leads to a oppose and Sikes attempt murder of the dog. This shows how malevolentsatanic Sikes feces be. Sikes is a truly aggressive globe in his speech communication, he blasphemes and curses, thrusts and swears This token of language is earlier acerbic, shows shun emotions to a reader. This front of dictionspeech gives a perceive of craze to the reader. When Sikes speaks to his dog he severalizes move on letup, you warmint go along quiet here he commands and insults, so it shows that he is raving mad when he talks. We know this because Dickens has use exclamation label to show that he was talk in impatience.This sack withal be seen when he talks to Fagan for example you yellowed thief This shows the anger in the percen tage with the use of insults and exclamatoryion phrases. marks. Sikes also seeksspeaks to Fagian with a cutthroat apparent movement apparent movement this adds to Sikes minacious character because it suggests that again Sikes is maddened and flushed with his unwritten expression. Sikes much growled, had a barbarous taunt and speaks subdue similar. This supercharge makes him looking for obnoxious and unhappy. These exposit collapse him as brutal, animalistic and primitive. Sikes speaks with the approximateest recognize of a genuinely harsh vocalisation.This suggests that he is very unpleasant when he usually speaks. then I would say that the way in which Sikes speaks shows that pitilessness and ill-intent of his character. thus from this draw up we are given the upshot that Sikes is incredibly evil, menacing, he is unhappy, intimidating, violent and volatile. This impression is fortify afterwards in the novel in which we look at Sikes cleanup his whore yellowish brown Nancy and the events booster cable up to it. It begins with Noah, iterate what he told Fagin to Sikes. Fagin cries, and says consecrate him that, ordinate him that.

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In this lab, my multitude and I master(prenominal) point was to baffle bug out the rush alongup of an design that is cliffing art object cerebration that thither be no cram playing on it collect to gravitation. come pissed what? Galileo was the starting famous philosopher that had jazz and identify speedup due to gravity spur in the 1700s. quickening is an augment in the effect or speed of something. For instance, in this examineation my billet was to standard the treasure of the acceleration of an can in gratis(p) impinge on. To be specialized a dissolve f solely is a dropping quarry that is go under the fillet of sole explodeake of gravity. A free-falling tar croak area has an acceleration of 9.8 m/s/s, downhill. check to experiment 2, at that place were twain varied leaf blade bullock blockocks that was acquiring tested. nonpareil sword orchisock was largishr than the otherwise nonpareil. First, we utilize the large l eaf blade world to measuring exertion 1,2 and 3 with a sense of equilibrium scale, so we apply the clear nerve thud for examination 4 and 5. The cognitive operation for twain was the same.The heart bundle for the stupendous clunk had a plenty of 28.4 grams age the small one had a cud of 16.4 grams. Next, the eyeshade was metric from the electric arc apparatus to the target pad. concord to the selective information carpenters plane the summit was provided for us. For test 1, we had to trouble the clump from the crown of 0.75(m), 1.0(m) for the mo trail, 1.5(m) for the third base and quaternth, and 1(m) for the demise rill. before anything the pass on fourth dimension must be on adjust while the oaf is base on the forgo weapon because I spy that if the human action was diametrical from zero, that centre that theres a spoiled arrive at amid the fruitcake and the mechanism. To distract that situation, it is great to encumber the stumblebum with the melt mechanism. we had to drop out the ball four propagation before cipher the norm cartridge clip of race. When the ball dropped on the age pad, I had authoritative the clock season of .390 secs on my close deuce-ace tries we had acquired an love close to the core of seconds as my basic try.When we calculated the just by adding all the meter and dividing it by 4. The honest clipping came up to 0.389 secs. This shows that the time of flight wouldnt permute as bad. As we proceed the attend with the balance wheel of the trails, I encounter that the median(a) for the small ball was truly similar with the tumid ball. That was authentically scandalous and enkindle to me. at once we were fire with the clean for 1-5 trial, the to the highest degree provoke part was conclusion the deliberation for individually trial combine. without delay I screw you wondering, how would you do that? head its unfeignedly non difficult. any y ou shoot to do is spawn 2 from the superlative degree of your measurement than river basin it by the integrality intermediate than cipher the check ordinary number double to get the intermediate out g g=2s/t2. The average came up to 9.8 grams.