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Justification for Kant’s Moral and Ethical Views in A...

In A Grounding for the Metaphysics of Morals, Immanual Kant, unlike David Hume, aimed to establish an absolute system of morality based upon reason. Kant’s conceptions regarding what is moral and how someone should behave ethically, are often seen as contradictions to those proposed by Hume, who holds an empirical stance. As mentioned, Kant emphasizes the necessity of basing morality on a priori principles; he puts faith in the power of human rationality and believed that reason alone, not feeling, is a key to advancing human morality. An ethical system based upon reason would provide the framework for moral principles acceptable to all. Kant’s fundamental moral principle, the categorical imperative, tells one how to act regardless of what end or goal is desired, which correlates with his idea that people must be treated as ends and not as means. He also disapproves the action of lying and deems it to be morally wrong, as it corrupts one’s ability to make autonom ous, rational decisions. While some may argue that Kant’s system of morality is flawed, Kant’s theories do prove to be convincing, even more so than his predecessor David Hume; Kant’s conceptions of what is moral and how someone should behave ethically are somewhat idealistic, however, his ideas should act as a model in which humans strive towards. Arguably the most defining aspect of Kant’s moral philosophy, which sets him apart from Hume and proves to be more superior and convincing, is his idea that a moralShow MoreRelatedEssay on Virtue as Habit3751 Words   |  16 Pagesdifference in moral psychology whether one adopts Aristotles ordinary or Immanuel Kants revisionist definition of virtue as a moral habit? Suppose it is objected, at the outset, that these definitions cannot be critically compared because their moral theories are, respectively, aposteriori and apriori, and so incommensurable. Two points of commensurability and grounds for comparativ e evaluation are two basic problems that any theory in moral psychology must address. They are moral ignorance (I dontRead More Plagiarism Essay2916 Words   |  12 Pagessources. Even though there is significant difference between the legal and moral dealings of plagiarism, there is overlap between the is and ought. Socrates and Confucius, we have read, would agree that assimilation is necessary for education and for being moral, but, as I will show, consider that plagiarism is immoral. To understand Socrates view on plagiarism, we must first understand the basis for what he considers moral. Morality, Socrates believes, is that which induces happiness and is in our

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My Name Is Dr. Dan Siegel - 2477 Words

My Name is Dr. Dan Siegel. I attended Harvard Medical School and later on traveled to UCLA to finish my postgraduate medical work. While attending I specialized in pediatrics, child, adolescent, teen, and adult psychiatry. I currently reside in southern California with my family and am a clinical psychiatry professor at UCLA School of Medicine. I pioneered a new field known as interpersonal neurobiology. Within this field I delve into different aspects of science, such as biology, physics, linguistics, and psychology to understand what is needed to maximize a healthy mind. Through this work I have gone on to define mental health and even the mind itself. My theory poses the idea that, we are who we are because of the relationships we†¦show more content†¦My work has taken me all over the world. I have lectured in front of His Holiness the Dalia Lama, Pope John II, the King of Thailand, Google University, and London s Royal Society of Arts. I am the author of numerous books, articles, and text, including, The Developing Mind: How Relationships and the Brain Interact to Shape Who We Are (Guilford, 1999), in which I first introduced the world to my field of interpersonal neurobiology. This books has since gone on to be applied by different organizations across the globe, such as the U.S Department of Justice, The Vatican’s Pontifical Council for the Family, as well as Microsoft and Google. More recently, I have published books focusing on parent child relationships and Mindsight. I currently continue to travel and lecture at symposiums and conferences all over the world. I love introducing my field to people in hopes that it will have as wonderful impact and affect on their life as I know it will. My theory behind interpersonal neurobiology refutes the once popular scientific idea that the brain stops neurological growth as early as young adulthood. It instead poses the belief that the brain is continuously growing and forming new neurons and link s. From this I looked into how these new neurological links affect the mind and body, both negatively and positively so that clinicians are more aware of how to treat patients and help them gain a healthier more positive well-being. One of the

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My Antonia Free Essays

Willa Cather is an American writer. She started her literary career by writing short-stories, but later started to write novels – her main genre. She expresses mood and ideology of middle-class American farmers and that’s why she doesn’t like the image of modern capitalistic America. We will write a custom essay sample on My Antonia or any similar topic only for you Order Now Cather is against capitalism with its exploitation of ordinary people, but she doesn’t express great protest to such a system – her way of writing is more dramatic, than based on some action; she remains only objective observer. Industrial city doesn’t interest her and she is quite conservative. Cather opposes ‘dying’ patriarchal way of life in the village to capitalism and modern reality; she opposes people with creative thinking to businessmen. Her main themes for creative works are taken from life of pioneers-farmers in the West, the first people, who moved from Europe and Eastern states and from life of artists, musicians and other creative and gifted people. I think that strength of Cather’s novels is in depiction of characters; the plot of her novels is quite simple. Heroes of Cather are trying to realize all their abilities and skills. No wonder that novel â€Å"My Antonia† touches with its simplicity and brightness of characters. I will not speak about summary – you can read the novel and you’ll not regret – it is really interesting and exciting drama, but I’ll try to discuss about themes of changes and stasis in this novel. As for me, Cather’s realism is often combined with romanticism. â€Å"My Antonia† is not an exception. Life of Antonia is constant chain of changes: she is like lightning – bright, quick and rapidly changing girl, who has her own opinion for everything she hears or sees. Even when she didn’t know English language yet (let’s remember that her family moved to the United States from Czech Republic) she had her own way of thinking and wasn’t afraid to show it. The girl lives as a nature prompts to her, by instinct. Her own world is a world of vivid and naà ¯ve natures, but not a world of dissolute society. She is a strong girl and when her father dies and she has to spend all the day long in the farm working hard, she changes from a small girl into a grown-up woman, which is strong enough to overcome any difficulties the life presents. Jim Burden, being a boy, has very good heart and is an open-hearted person. Still, he is not so naà ¯ve, like Antonia and her family – those two cultures are a bit different. Antonia’s family doesn’t hesitate to share everything they have (let’s remember episode, when the family is hungry, and Antonia’s mother gives to Jim’s mother the mushrooms, they gathered still in Czech and were keeping for a long time). Jim’s family is more practical. I should say it is more conforming. It lives in accordance with rules, which are last and all the time established in the society they belong. A kind of stasis – without any changes. When Jim is a boy, he can do almost whatever he wants, but when he becomes a grown-up, he has to listen to society he belongs. And he obeys, because he doesn’t have strength enough to move against the current. Antonia creates her life as she wants, even when she falls on evil days and experiences misfortune, almost all she makes is by her own will. She doesn’t want to obey the society and rules, which determine behavior – she changes her life in her own way. Jim, on the contrary, lives as it â€Å"should be† – he chooses a career and enters a college, He doesn’t like the company of young people and dedicates his time to college and university.  Ã‚   Jim conforms expectations of his family, receiving education and finally, marrying successfully. Although he wasn’t lucky in that marriage, for the other people he was quite successful in his life. He became a lawyer and even knowledge of prairies helped him in his work. The stasis is also seen in society of those times. Hard conditions of life, constant work in the farm, all this influenced Antonia greatly. She wanted to go to the school, but instead of that she had to work hard in order to supply her family with food for a long winter period not to die from hunger. When Jim comes to Antonia, asking whether she will go to school, Antonia says that she is already a grown-up and she doesn’t have time for such stupid childish stuff. But her words are only words – being a clever and curios girl she hates working hard – she wants to learn new things. It seems to her that she is dying in that farm or she is dead alive. Antonia wants to change everything. When Antonia started work as a hired girl in Harling’s family, she found the model of life for her in Mrs. Hurling. Actually, they had much in common: both of them were strong and independent natures, both of them knew what do they like and didn’t try to look like somebody else. They never imitated somebody’s actions or had the same opinion as majority. They were different from ordinary people, who lived in society stasis. They laughed at haughty people and helped to unlucky. Both of them had in the heart never-ending quantity of joy and good mood, which made other people to feel the same. In spite all the difficulties in her life, Antonia doesn’t want to change her life by loosing freedom. Freedom and constant ability to change by her will are the main character features of this girl. She loves dancing, and soon she becomes very popular. Members of Hartling family don’t like her hobby and asking her to refuse form dancing, because it can spoil her reputation. Still, Antonia doesn’t want to leave dancing, although she has to stop working for Hartling’s. She refuses to sacrifice her independence. From the very beginning of her life till the end she leaves self-sufficient person. This novel shows us contradictions in society of those times there are rules, according to which society lives, and you should obey the rules. Limitations of social mobility, for example in differences between city girls and so-called â€Å"hired girls† are clearly seen. For example, a girl, who lives in the city has her own â€Å"life-program†, which is stipulated by society and is determined by her family: she has to get education (optionally) and to become a wife and a mother. That’s all. The girls, which come to the city from the villages, have much more opportunities in the life, – they have freedom and choice – they have possibility for changes. They don’t experience the stasis in society. Those girls are able to get rid of those traditional constraints, existing between man and woman in society, but they can loose social privileges. City girls also are able to choose, but they don’t want to loose respectability and social standing. Actually, all this forms theme of change and stasis in the novel of Cather â€Å"My Antonia†. Works Cited: 1. â€Å"My Antonia† by Willa Sibert Cather (1918) [online] How to cite My Antonia, Essay examples My Antonia Free Essays The book, My Antonia, by Willa Cather is a superlative piece of realism and vivid storytelling. The novel relates, through the eyes of narrator, Jim Burden, the fact-based story of a Bohemian girl, Antonia Shimerda, thrown into rugged farm life. The colorful and sensible traits of the title character, combined with a memorable theme, endear this book to all who open its cover. We will write a custom essay sample on My Antonia or any similar topic only for you Order Now The first of these traits is the virtue of caring. Antonia watched over the children of her employer as if they were her own. She frequently acquainted them with the vibrant stories from her childhood and comforted them in their time of trouble. Additionally demonstrating her loving qualities, she was never ashamed of her illegitimate child and was always an exceptional mother. Finally, Antonia fiercely defended her family against insult, even to the points of vowing never to again notice one of her friends. Clearly, Antonia was the epitome of this virtue. Perseverance is the next attribute which had been perfected by this young Bohemian. She always did the constant manual labor that was necessary to run the farm well. On the other hand, insisting to go to the â€Å"dances† every night, Antonia started neglecting her work. Also, she persisted in seeing boys whom she hardly knew; this habit eventually cost Antonia her job. Antonia is surely an example that persevering is not always a first-class quality of character. Another personality characteristic of Antonia is her naivety. She persisted in traveling to Denver to marry a flighty young man, who, shortly after, left her and their unborn child. Additionally, trying to fit in, Mrs. Shimerda began to always dress like the other girls. Through this sample, it is obvious that this Bohemian, although mature in some ways, was ignorant of the seriousness of life. How to cite My Antonia, Papers

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Factors for Transforming Pedagogy with Mobile Web

Questions: 1. Your university wants to recruit high-quality high school students from your state. Provide examples of (1) the data that your recruiters would gather in this process, (2) the information that your recruiters would process from these data, and (3) the types of knowledge that your recruiters would infer from this information? 2. Describe the five forces in Porters competitive forces model and explain how the internet has affected each one? 3. Differentiate between data warehouses and data marts. Describe a few of characteristics of a data warehouse? 4. Discuss the strategic benefits of BI systems? 5. Why are authentication and authorization important to e-commerce? 6. List 3 Web 2.0 social networking tools and describe how you would use each for marketing your products? 7. Discuss the major limitations of e-commerce. Which of these limitations are likely to disappear? Why? 8. Describe the benefits of integrated accounting software packages? 9. Explain why web-based customer interaction centers are critical for successful CRM systems? 10. Explain the important role that information systems play in supporting a supply chain strategy? Answers: 1. The grade marks are not sufficient for evaluating the students of the high school within any recruitment. The concerned universities generally gather the students in order to gather data for evaluating their knowledge and experiences within the field of employment. In contrast with this fact, the quality of student merit should be evaluated on both the intelligence and academic knowledge. According to (Swider et al., 2015, p.880), this is found that the quality of student knowledge cannot be measured with the help of evaluating it on quantitative way. The universities can consider the grade marks for evaluating the knowledge of students. In addition to these facts, the recruiters consider the technical skills, extracurricular activities, home town and other beneficial marking that make the student one individual in the crowd. The recruiters considers the competitive examination scores such as CAT, SAT, MAT and GPA etc. These scores will set the benchmark to the recruiter for selecting any student in the recruitment. These competitive scores show academic qualification of the student. In addition to this, the recruiter will get the information about the home space of the student when they will give the information about their native places. The technical skills and features of the students provide the qualitative information about the student. The processing of information reveals the accessible functionalities to the recruiter about the students qualification. If the score of the student is high then the chances of selection in recruitment increased. In addition to this, the students quality or efficiency is evaluated based on the technical and other feasibility study checked by the recruiters (Archambault et al., 2014, p.2127). The students background of the student is revealed to the recruiters when they share their information about their native places. In contrast with this fact, all of these data will reveal the important information to the recruiters that is necessary to them. 2. Figure 1: Porters Five Forces (Source: E. Dobbs 2014, p. 32) The framework of the Porters Five Forces is generally used for the analyzing the competitive marketplace of any product or services involved within any industry. This framework helps the organization as well as the industry in gaining competitive potential and profitability within the target market. Important aspect involved in the porters five forces model is elaborated in this part of the assignment: Threats of New entrants: Two organizations generally compete for profitability and existence. This aspect porters five forces increase the competence in the market. Threats of Substitutes: The products and services having same or equal quality that increases the threats to the older products. Bargaining power of Buyers: The increase in the buyer reduces the profitability of the organizations offering products and services (Yunna Yisheng, 2014, p.798). Bargaining power of Suppliers: Increase in supplier power also increases the chances of reduced profitability within the organizational culture of industry. Potential rivalry: The increase in potential rivalry increases the effective competitive level of the market place. Effect of Internet on the Porters Five Forces In accordance with the technical feasibility of the internet application, the effective growth of E-Commerce and E-Business has been introduced into the technical domain. In contrast with this fact, the Internet activities have greatly impacted upon the Porters five forces. The light of technology enablement of business to e-business, the concerned Porters five forces has been affected from various perspectives. The increase in information accessibility increased the bargaining power of supplier and customer (E. Dobbs 2014, p. 33). The information gap is reduced with respect to this technical advancement. In addition to this, the customer reach is increased by increase in e-business enablement. This aspect has negative impact on the bargaining power of customers. As a result of these aspects, e-business models enabled the entry of new industries into the market. All of these aspects directly impacted upon the new entrants within the market. This reduced the threat of new entrants. 3. The difference between the Data Mart and Data Warehouse is provided in this part of the assignment: Data Mart Data Warehouse The data warehouse generally collects the data in order to manage all of these databases with respect to various needs of the clients and consumers. The data mart is the part of the data warehouse that focuses on the single functional area. In addition to this, every organization has individual data mart. The data involved in the data marts generally sponsored and the individual level of handling is followed in this data marts (Kimball et al., 2015, p.800). The data warehouses generally follows non-volatile and variable timing for various identifiable departments. The subject oriented data are generally used in order to maintain the system architecture. Data marts involved in databases are available for particular department and divisions. Data warehouses are mainly used in the enterprise level for effective solutions. This manages different kinds of data for operating various data related to the databases. Data marts are generally developed from the specific departments in order to manage various databases. Data warehouse is mainly used for integrating the data marts that are mainly used for strategic decision making perspective. The data mart generally stores the summarization of data. The data warehouse provide support to the information storage and stores detailed information to the users, clients and consumers. Characteristics of Data Warehouse Subject orientation: The data warehouse is subject oriented and for analyzing a particular subject area. As an example the sales can be considered as a particular subject. Integrated: The data warehouse integrates the various kinds of data that are collected from different data resources (Cuzzocrea et al., 2013, p.67). This helped the data warehouse in identifying the individual characteristics of data identification process. Time variant: The data warehouse is considered as the time variant in nature. Any user or authenticated person can easily collect or retrieve the data from the data warehouse. Non-volatile: The data ware house has the most significant data storages over the database networks. These aspects should be considered for managing the databases for the user convenience. The users or clients can easily retrieve the data with at any time. 4. Business Intelligence is one of the most effective technical advancements that are considered for improving the business analytics and data analysis process. In addition to this, the Business Intelligence perspective is also helpful in taking various decisions in order to make any organization sustainable within the target market (Wixom et al., 2014, p.1). Business Intelligence tools are helpful in solving various decision making issues involved within the business process. There are various benefits of Business Intelligence within the technical field; these benefits are being elaborated in this part of the assignment: Actionable intelligence: The business intelligence is famous its providence of actionable intelligence. There are various decision making comes into the business operations, the organizational heads deals with these kinds of issues with the help effective decision making tools. BI is one of them as it provides critical decision making support to the organizational heads at this point of time. Sales personalization: the contribution to the business is one of the most effective facts that needs be considered while managing the effective solution for improving business operations. In contrast with this fact, personalization of economy and business perspectives are general aspects that are managed with the help of Business Intelligence tools. Speedy answers: Traditional business intelligence tools provide the data support from the small set of databases (Laursen Thorlund 2016). In contrast with this fact, this process was time taking and the system heads only get responses when they get the reply of department heads or specialists. In addition to these facts, the improvised Business Intelligence tools are helpful in providing effective speedy answers to the organizational heads. Information Integration: Data integration providence is another effective benefits related to the system architecture of the Business intelligence tools. Business Intelligence tool provides effective information integration services to the organizational heads and industries in order to remove the barriers from the business operations. 5. Authentication and Authorization both are considered as the critical enablers of E-Commerce over the internet. This aspect is mainly considered as the internet is considered as the open public network. This open public network has the capability of providing open access to all of the users of network. In addition to this, these users need to be connected with ISP. In contrast with these facts, two users having transactions ad they that particular transactions needs authentication of the users and this aspect should be verified by every users (Chang et al., 2014, p.400). These authentications involve various company policies and security aspects involved in this particular transaction process. In case of face to face communication in real world the authentication is done with the help of ID, certificates and letters. In contrast with this, in case of the internet, the parties exchanging their data that may be personal email id, important documents etc. can be malicious for the users. These aspects should be concerned in order to ensures the transactions security perspective within the web network. Therefore, in the web servers, the authentication and authorizations are done with the help of electronic measures that provides more security perspectives to the users or clients. Security technologies are generally used for authentication and for mandating the authorization the Business Rules should be followed. In case of E-Commerce applications, the users must verifies the end user name and qualification details before providing their personal details and other important information that are genuinely original (Hummen et al., p.292). Online authorization process verifies the third party that is making deal with the users. Authorization protects the system from economic damages. In contrast with these facts, the authorization as well as authentication process prevent the economic damages within the industrial distribution. Therefore, both these aspects authorization and authentication are important for managing effective service structure within the E-Commerce domain in order to provide effectiveness. 6. The application of Web 2.0 has changed the entire process of communication measures going on with the help of internet or social media. The most significant social networking tools that can be used for marketing products and services are being elaborated in this part of the assignment. Facebook Twitter Linked In Facebook for marketing products Facebook is the most popular media of communication in among all of the social networking sites. The advertisers create the pages for making their customer attracted to their products and services. In addition to this, social perspectives of the customers can easily be analyzed with the help of following their likes and followings (Cochrane 2014, p.65). Therefore, this social media application is helpful in marketing any product or services according to the customer demands and needs. Twitter for marketing products Twitter is another important social networking site that also helps the advertiser in launching their products and services in to the competitive marketplace. In addition to this, Twitter provides the opportunities to the advertiser that helps them to grab their opportunities and target customers. The advertisers can easily Tweet about their products and services in order to provide the customers an overview about the product or services. Hash tagging phenomenon is famous in Twitter that makes the product or services highlighted towards the customers. Linked In for Marketing Products This social networking site can be recognized as one of the most effective advertising media for products and services in the competitive market. In contrast with these facts, the advertisers can reach to the huge numbers of decision makers. In contrast with this, the advertisers can easily select their target group of customers (Chou et al., 2013, p.e9). This selection will be helpful in getting more number of customers. The advertisers within the linked In can easily select their target customers (Industry sector, job function, company size, Gender and age). 7. Major Limitations of E-Commerce Security: This is one of the effective risks involved within the system architecture that stops the users from making any kind of financial transaction through e-commerce websites. There are various encryption and security perspectives that protects users personal information but these are not enough to protect the user data. Privacy: The user privacy is another aspect that needs to be managed with the help of e-commerce website, but the hackers are revealing their personal information within the network or literally misuse the data for their own perspectives. High Start up cost: Any kind of E-Commerce business needs a huge amount of startup cost that needs to be managed by the organizational heads (Chiu et al., 2014, p.85). In contrast with this fact, this aspect is considered as one of the most effective negative aspects involved in the E-Commerce business implementation process. Lack of Skilled Personnel: E-Commerce business perspective is much complex than any other conventional business process. In addition to this, the E-Commerce process needs effective and skilled personnel for effective maintenance of the system architecture within the competitive market. Products effectiveness: Effectiveness of the product is another limitation of the E-Commerce business process that makes the system architecture of the advanced business process weak in the competitive market. The customers are only impressed with advanced features of the products and services with respect to evolving trends. Cost involved in Labour: Labour is very important factor involved in this business process that needs an additional investment to be maintained. The labors are skilled enough in E-Commerce filed, therefore they demands for high amount of money that increase the cost involved in to the E-Commerce business process. Technical Issues: Technical issues can be evolved within the system architecture of the E-Commerce any time (Wang et al., 2016, p.625). The technical aspects are very important in order to mandate the system architecture of the business process. All of the above mentioned aspects are concerned as the limitations of the E-Commerce. Among all of these aspect Security and privacy issue can be mandated if the E-Commerce websites and organizations mandate their security structure with the help of authorization and authentication user and clients within the system architecture. 8. There are various benefits of integrated software accounting packages. These benefits are elaborated as follows: Speed This is one of the most effective benefits of Integrated Accounting Software. In addition to this, the computerized process makes the accounting process faster and easily operable. The technology in this particular field uses invoices in order provide faster operating speeds to the users (Ggs zer 2014, p.1). The manual operation involves good speeds in order to provide effective operating measures. In contrast with this fact, the accounting software set provides the effective speedy measures to the users in order to provide effective solutions. Minimizing Errors Minimizations of errors are another effective benefit of the automated accounting software used in the accounting operations. Previously all possible calculations were introduced manually but in the contemporary time, accounting software reduces the chances of errors within the calculation. In case of invoices that needs minimizing errors as this includes huge amount of calculation and billing during this invoice. Reporting This is one of the major advantages of using computerized invoice system within the system architecture. In addition to this, the reports can be evaluated in this process. These evaluations of reports are effective and efficient in case of controlling financial details within organizations. In contrast with this fact, the authority has concern for minimization of losses and late payers. All of these aspects can be checked with the help of reporting aspect involved within the accounting software. Organization This is very easy to forget about invoices when these are prepared manually. This information may be lost within the mail or any other network where it was transmitted (Lipi et al., 2015, p.553). These data should be managed and structured with respect to the demanding structure. The accounting software is able to provide accurate data to the system architecture. and the users and clients are benefitted with these services. 9. The CRM system involved in this system architecture of any organization generally uses various strategies and web capabilities and management methodologies that help the customer maintaining the relation with the business process. There are various applications of CRM system. In contrast with these facts, the CRM system enables the user satisfaction with respect to the organizational demands. Any kind of business process considers their customer as their core assets. In addition to this, the internet is another flourishing element for the student (Chataway et al., 2014, p.2213). CRM system is one advancement of the information technology that enables the customers as well as organization for making communication in between them. The CRM system provides the organizations and customer an innovative way for managing their communication in an effective way. The organizations generally use the e-business applications and social media for interacting with their concerned customers. In case of the CRM system the business has main focus on the customer loyalty programs. The increased level of satisfaction from the end of customer allows the organization in being popular within the competitive marketplace. This aspect increases the profitability of the business process. Besides this aspect, the customers are mainly fond of effective and cost effective products and services. If the e-commerce organization becomes successful in providing appropriate responses towards customer demands, that can make themselves sustainable in the competitive market. In contrast with these facts, the web based applications allows quick processing of user requests and demands. This aspect supports the customers. In contrast with this, the web based customers interactions with the help of social media also create communication process that ensures quick services (Butt Zeegers 2015, p.100). Live chats, emails and other important communication mediums allow the employees of organization in being more conscious about the system architecture. This aspect allows the customer based interaction in being effective and efficient. 10. Supply chain management is one of the most important and effective aspect that every organization needs to manage with their internal and external resources. A well managed supply chain connects the suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors as well as customers. All of these facts are managed with the help of suitable information system within the organizational structure. These information systems are used for controlling for maximizing optimum productivity. In addition to this, the organization also demands for joyful relation, overall satisfaction and cheaper cost structure. Quick and effective information systems are helpful to the managers in managing all the activities related to the customer responses, demands, inventory management and stock related queries (Pieterse et al., 2014, p.347). In this case the internet plays a great role with the help of customer relationship management information system. This technological advancement helps the manager in make the business process aligned with the organizational objectives and goals. All of these aspects make the organizational structure competitive in relation with SCM partners. The need for IT are mainly evaluated with respect to the following aspects: IT provides less cost involvement, IT is environment friendly, IT is not location specific, and IT does not requires expensive infrastructure (Van der Does et al., 2013, p.744). In contrast with these aspects, the organizations use IT solutions in order to improve Supply Chain Management process. These aspects are Communication measures, electronic mails, enterprise resource planning. All of these aspects are mandatory to be incorporated within the supply chain management in order to maintain effectiveness of solutions for the organization. As a result of IT solutions, the organizations can have better control over their inventory management systems. With the help of internet and SCM the organizations easily connects the users and clients with respect to their demands and needs with respect to evolving trends. Better utilization of manpower, inventory tracking are achieved with the help of SCM implementation within organizations. References Archambault, B., Le Pape, O., Bousquet, N. Rivot, E., 2014. Density-dependence can be revealed by modelling the variance in the stockrecruitment process: an application to flatfish.ICES Journal of Marine Science: Journal du Conseil,71(8), pp.2127-2140. Butt, C.R.M. Zeegers, H. eds., 2015.Regolith exploration geochemistry in tropical and subtropical terrains(Vol. 4). Elsevier, pp. 100-600. Chang, D.Y., Benantar, M., Chang, J.Y.C. Venkataramappa, V., International Business Machines Corporation, 2014.Authentication and authorization methods for cloud computing security. U.S. Patent 8,769,622, pp.400-500. Chataway, J., Schuerer, N., Alsanousi, A., Chan, D., MacManus, D., Hunter, K., Anderson, V., Bangham, C.R., Clegg, S., Nielsen, C. Fox, N.C., 2014. Effect of high-dose simvastatin on brain atrophy and disability in secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (MS-STAT): a randomised, placebo-controlled, phase 2 trial.The Lancet,383(9936), pp.2213-2221. Chiu, C.M., Wang, E.T., Fang, Y.H. Huang, H.Y., 2014. 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