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Charles Dickens Hard Times English Literature Essay

Charles Dickens Hard Times English Literature Essay The research paper explores the basic ideas related to Psychoanalysis in the context of Charles Dickens Hard Times. Sigmund Freud laid the foundation of ‘Psychoanalysis’. The research paper is based on Freudian Psychoanalysis as it attempts to study the characters in this novel in its light. The psychoanalytic theory refers to the concept of the development of personality and its changing dynamics. It studies the influence of childhood impressions on the personality development of the adults and on their mental functioning. It focusses on the ideas based on personality which include the division of psyche into the id, the ego and the superego, repression, transference and fantasy. The research paper studies and analyses these ideas in relation to the characters in this novel. It also explores the ideas in the mind of the author in the light of this novel. Keywords: Psychoanalysis, personality development, id, ego, superego, repression, transference, parentification, fan tasy Psychoanalysis is a psychological and psychotherapeutic theory because it deals with the scientific study of mental functions and behaviours and it is also used for therapeutic interaction or treatment of a patient by a psychologist or a psychiatrist. It is devised by an Austrian neurologist called Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) in the late nineteenth and the early twentieth century. This field has evolved over a period of time but has also been the target of scathing criticism. Charles Dickens’ (1812-1870) Hard Times (1854) is a study in psychoanalysis because the characters in this novel depict the mental functions and behaviours of individuals in real life. In this novel, Louisa Gradgrind, the daughter of Thomas Gradgrind and wife of Josiah Bounderby, experiences a nervous breakdown as she realizes that she despises her husband Josiah Bounderby but may be romantically inclined towards James Harthouse. She is not sure of her feelings towards James Harthouse as she is unable to experience any emotion whatsoever. She feels miserable and is unable to rectify the situation. She finally makes a candid confession in front of her father. She tells her father: â€Å"And I so young. In this condition, father – for I show you now, without fear or favour, the ordinary deadened state of my mind as I know it – you proposed my husband to me. I took him. I never made a pretence to him or you that I loved him. I knew, and, father, you knew, and he knew, that I never didà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Hard Times 212) â€Å"I am coming to it. Father, chance then threw into my way a new acquaintance, a man such as I had no experience of; used to the world; light, polished, easy; making no pretences; avowing the low estimate of everything, that I was half afraid to form in secret; conveying to what degrees, that he understood me, and read my thought. I could not find that he was worse than I. There seemed to be a near affinity between us. I only wondered it shoul d be worth his while, who cared for nothing else, to care so much for me.† (Hard Times 213)

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Compare and Contrast of Administrative Law Term Paper

Compare and Contrast of Administrative Law - Term Paper Example The Congress has enacted a number of laws since the beginning of the 20th century to address the issue of bureaucracy. These prohibitions are inclusive of a 1913 repeal that sought to ban the hire of â€Å"publicity experts,† a 1951 ban on the agency spending on spending on publicity and propaganda, and a 2005 the ban on video news, with a provision that allowed the release of such videos if the source was willing to be identified as the originator. Scholars have described the evident Congress antagonism to public relations in public administration as part of an institutional planned push back by the legislature to the natural tendency of government agencies to seek autonomy. This has offered public administrators with an opportunity to mobilize support in an effort to increase autonomy of the agencies and reduction of the Congressional advantage over it (Lee, 2009). The congress in 1919 enacted a law that criminalized lobbying of the law-making agency. Funny enough, legislato rs cited the law when disagreeing on particular activities o f the agency but not a single prosecution was enacted by the by the US department of justice. The law however was revised in 2002 that decriminalized agency lobbying by the congress, but retained the provisions of engaging in such activities. Crisis Bureaucracy Bureaucratic structure is responsible for shaping the legal interpretations and regulatory decisions of agencies, offering a framework through which modern governments operate, and it is due to this reason that Policymakers fight to effect the necessary legislations. The article discusses two new issues that harbor important implications for lawyers and political scientists, which encompass how of legislative process responds during a crisis and the underlying uncertainties that surround major bureaucratic reorganizations. The result of this perspective illustrates how agencies make use of their administrative power and how they interpret their legal mandates. As cr ises enlarge opportunities for legislative action, changes in homeland security policies are mostly driven by the efforts of politicians who try to effect regulatory and administrative activities in various domains of the said sector. Changes in the nature of and scope of security policy may have adverse effects on other legal domains Coast Guards environmental regulatory functions or the application of laws in immigration departments of the country. Politicians cunningly use the occasion of legislation to force changes in other areas that have little to do with the principle issue being addressed (Cohen, et al 2006). A possible reason why the president changed his mind about the reorganization of the systems may be because he did not want to be part of the loosing side. The Administration appears to support such a move to further domestic policy priorities hat are independent of the homeland security. Such changes put the president’s legacy into question, more significantly fixing the precise extent to which the president and his top advisors knowingly planned to weaken the domestic legacy without paying attention to the corresponding homeland security benefits. Optimal Political Control of the Bureaucracy This article argues that a bureaucratic insulation degree from political control processes that is moderated by law increases rather than reduces the majority of

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Operation management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Operation management - Essay Example We also can customize the wrapping papers and cards with names or a special message etc. Financing will directly come from the financial resources of Mouza. II. Executive Summary The Bows and Ribbons is a unique business that offers services to clients that do not have time or the skills to wrap their own gifts. The uniqueness of the business will gather enough interest to produce a mass base clientele that would be enough to create a fad. Straight forward direct network marketing will be used to ensure that the knowledge about Bows and Ribbons are heard by successful women in the country. Prudent innovations and a good portfolio of designs shall be compiled to ensure that references are available for the women who do not have enough time to think of gifts much more its wrapping and bows. III. Industry Outlook, Forecast & Trends Somebody is being born everyday thus the number of potential clients are the relatives and acquaintances of the people who have a birthday for a particular d ay. Women in urban centers, most especially men in the metropolitan area normally career women who may not have the time to shop much more to wrap their own gifts. ... Competitive Advantage Our service has many advantages in compare to our competitors. The first advantage is that it’s a mobile gift-wrapping store which makes our consumer save time, the store comes to their house instead of them going to the store. The second advantage is that we have compatible prices although it’s a home service. We provide the best quality with very reasonable prices. The third advantage is that we offer latest designs of gift-wrapping material that are not found anywhere else in the Emirates because it’s imported from outside the UAE. The last advantage is that we can customize the gifts. The clients can have any name printed on the wrapping paper or on the cards. IV. Description of Value The innovative component of our service, is that we are the first mobile gift store in the UAE. We give our customers the opportunity of staying at home and having the best wrapping service at the same time. The second innovative component is that we have a small printer that can customize cards, ribbons and wrapping paper we also can engrave names on boxes. In addition, the materials we use have a high quality and have the latest designs and we constantly offer new trends of wrapping. We can do flower arrangements as well, which makes us two-in-one, a mobile gift-wrapping store and a mobile flower shop. V. Operational Plan Bows and Ribbon will maintain two vans that will be deployed to client sites. Calls or even facebook messages will be entertained to send the vans. Payments will also be collected by the driver of the vans including the person who specialize in gift wrapping. VI. Marketing Plan The strategy is to make the most number of women aware of our services and the quality of our services.