Monday, August 12, 2019

BT Global Challenge as a case study (Chapter 1) Essay

BT Global Challenge as a case study (Chapter 1) - Essay Example It shows the ingredients needed to have a group of very different people put together to perform a task and successful manage it. The BT Challenge comprises of twelve teams, each having a set number of core members, skipper, leggers and support staff. The fifteen core members in each team are people from varying backgrounds, nationalities, ages and levels of experience. As discussed previously, the idea of the Challenge is to have a group of novices with very little or no sailing knowledge to take on this challenging assignment of driving a yacht across the world. This idea was initiated by Sir Chay Blyth who suggested that many everyday people thrive for a certain kind of adventurism and challenge which they can rarely find in everyday lives. This adventure was purported to be provided by the BT Global Challenge. Despite opposition to it, Sir Chay’s idea was immensely successful and attracted applications from all over the world. What now needed to be done was to take the model of the first challenge and streamline it so that a better route, scoring system and technologically efficient process could be engineered and accommodate all the new participants and sponsors. Training and education of the participants was also necessary before they could embark on the journey. The organizing committee was able to do just that and created a challenging program, detailing everything from the ports to support staff allotment, food requirements to team training. They recruited proficient skippers who were to take on the leadership role for the teams and steer the challenge to completion. Researching the BT Global Challenge is insightful and interesting as it provides access to information about how an untrained individual can be brought to achieve even almost impossible tasks. For example, the skippers understood the importance of getting together their team members as soon as possible so they could learn to work and live together. This shows

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