Saturday, August 24, 2019

Principals of Finance for the Public Sector Essay

Principals of Finance for the Public Sector - Essay Example This paper will review some of the current issues facing the health care sector. Also, it will look at some of the policies being implemented with their impact on public finance. Health care cover is needed the world over to ensure that there is access to quality health care. Health care cover requires that all members of a region get access to medical facilities. This implies that there is the provision of medical services to people provided they come from that region. In many developed countries, today, it is possible to find that every citizen receives health care benefits without too much money required. The United States is among the developed countries that does not have this for its citizens (Gunnar, 2007, p. 45). This has often been a subject of debate for the nation, and its delegates. There are principles that govern the running of finance when it comes to the health care reform. One of these principles is medical coverage for all the citizens in a country to ensure the improved state of health of all people. This means that, for all government servants, it is vital to have medical cover to ensure that they are taken care of when they fall sick, or are in need of medical care (Gunnar, 2007, p. 56). It helps individuals whenever a situation arises that may need urgent medical attention. Another principle is the provision of medical health care to all citizens without the presence of any financial barriers. This is for citizens within the borders of a country. This principle ensures that citizens in a country enjoy affordable medical care for their medical problems. To make sure that they get this without bias or discrimination, there have been forums that address the plight of minority groups in countries. For example, in the United States, there are forums that seek to speak on the dilemma of the

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