Saturday, August 10, 2019

Future Technology - Free Energy Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Future Technology - Free Energy - Research Paper Example The increase in human population has not only increased demand for commodities but has also mechanized production of most commodities such as eatables. Nowadays it is very common to find totally mechanized farms and factories. Thus it is obvious that the sector most affected by this phenomenon is the energy sectors. The high demand due to increase in population and increase in mechanization of human life has exerted very high strain on these non renewable resources of energy. The oil supply of the world is dwindling throughout. It is expected that humans would completely run out of this source of energy in a few more decades. This high demand for energy has created chaos in the modern world. There have been millions of lives lost in the war for oil and if the current crisis continues worse is yet to come. In this scenario the world has to find new sources of energy which can be distributed without cost to the entire world. Only such a massive source of energy can fulfill the current needs of energy and contain the crises that stems from it. The question thus arises that what could be such a source of energy which fulfills all needs of human race and that too without be expensive. The usual answer is nuclear energy. The perception that nuclear energy is totally free is very false. First of all uranium is the basic fuel used for nuclear power plants. This fuel like other non renewable resources is an element found from earth and is thus limited in supply. This limit also makes it one of the most expensive elements in the world. Nuclear energy can be every damaging due to disposal of nuclear waste. Thus we can say that environmental costs of nuclear energy are very high. The only feasible option is thus solar energy. This form of energy is the core energy which is behind the formation of life in the world. Everything that we see around us is because of solar energy. The crops use this energy to grow and also with the photosynthesis process

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