Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Stratigic Plan for Public Health Organization Coursework

Stratigic Plan for Public Health Organization - Coursework Example STRATEGIC PLAN FOR LAKE COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT Our Vision: Our vision is to promote and protect the health of Waukegan Illinois through assessment, policy development, and assurance. Our Mission statement: The mission of the Lake County Health Department is to promote and protect the health of Illinois residents through networking and collaborative actions that raise public awareness, build a constituency, and influences legislation and policies concerning public health issues affecting northern Illinois.   Our Values: We believe that services must be available without barriers. No resident should be turned away due to an inability to pay. We also believe in providing services in an environment of mutual respect, free of discrimination or any bias (Lakecountyil.gov, 2013). Our core competencies a) This department came into existence in 1956, established by referendum. Back then, it had a small bunch of people. However, today it boasts of over one-thousand professional assisting i n all aspects of health, with an approximate working budget of seventy-million US dollars. b) Of all the human service providers under the Lake County, we are the biggest, with a twelve member Health Board governing this department. c) Nationwide, we rank among the top six of all two-thousand, eight hundred and sixty four health departments at the local level. d) We are members under the Northern Illinois Public Health Consortium, an organization that serves the Chicago city and the Winnebago, Mchenry, Kendall, Lake, Kane, Cook, Dupage, and Will counties in terms of complex health matters. The Environmental Scan. An environmental scan is the systematic way of finding out and interpreting the external environment to know the trends and factors of change, and their likely impacts on an organization in the future. Economic aspects Increase or entry of new security risks will affect the ability to respond to emergencies. This will affect this department in that we may not respond to eme rgencies resulting from crime and health risks as we lack the training of responding to security risks. Global economic transformation on Health care due to advance in competition may find workers not adequately prepared for new work processes. Impacts of globalization of Health care owing to economic integration and liberalization of trade globally will mean that workers have to deal with more potentially dangerous diseases. Social/ demographic aspects High risk groups such as foreign workers, older and new workers will affect the workplace. This is because language and cultural barriers, lack of training as well as the work organization mean a possibility in increase of injuries or work blunders. The raising of the educational and general worker bar in qualifying as a health worker means injury rates will reduce because of better training and more workers that are competent. Aging of the American population will affect the workforce in that chronic injuries and illnesses may incre ase. In addition, older workers take longer to recover from such. Legal/ policy aspects Increase in the enforcement of health and safety regulations by the government means pushing towards greater compliance that will help in better competence and more output. Smoking ban in workplaces and public spaces means workers will no longer get exposure to

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