Sunday, August 4, 2019

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Irish Culture Ireland is deeply rooted in its culture. Architecture and dance are just two aspects of their culture. The Gaelic League is a major part of why Ireland got to share its traditional dance with the world. Architecture in Ireland evolved from simple to beautiful and grand over the Saxon, Norman and Medieval time periods. The earliest written record of dancing was in 1520 with the use of the word ‘damhsa’ or ‘dance’ in English (Whelan 9). The country dancing that was popular until the 17th century is said to have â€Å"spread from England into Ireland† (Whelan 10). However, during the late 17th century, the term ‘jig’ began being used for the Irish dance (Whelan 10). The jig is the more modern term to describe the dancing of Ireland. It is a wonder that the technique of Irish dancing was so uniform all around Ireland. The greatest contributors to the spread of the technique of Irish dancing were the Old Irish Dancing Masters. The masters are the ones who made everything come together. They developed â€Å"the footwork for the solo dance† as well as teaching and directing the uniformity and discipline for the group dances (Whelan 11). The masters would travel around the country staying at a lump of time ranging from nine days to six weeks (Whelan 11). He was always â€Å"accompanied by a piper or fiddler† that would play the music while he taught (Whelan 11). Barns were constructed on farms prior to his arrival with the trade that the farmer’s children would receive free lessons (Whelan 12). The most basic lessons the master taught were â€Å"the rising step of the jig and the side step of the reel† (Whelan 12). More of the students were children and picked up the movements fairly easy . However, if the students were having difficulty, th... ... in the shape of a cross. Tall lancet windows also marked this time period (Archer 288). Eastern Ireland had more elaborate and intricate designed churches due to the influence of England. Unfortunately, not a lot of churches stayed in good condition due to the â€Å"suppression of the Catholic church during the 18th century† and are more ruins than anything (Archer 288). Ireland was influenced by many countries but mainly from England. It is traced and seen over time that England was the country that brought a lot of things to Ireland first, but the Irish quickly adapted and make it their own. Architecture improved and mainly saw growth within the churches. There were Romanesque and Gothic styles that continued to be seen within the church structures. Irish dance spread all over the world due to emigration. Europe and North America were greatly influenced by Ireland.

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