Friday, August 23, 2019

CASE2-SLP 2 Writing about Issues and using Third person Essay

CASE2-SLP 2 Writing about Issues and using Third person - Essay Example He highlighted the role of experienced PR people in handling these disasters through creating disaster management plans. This paper agrees with Sniderman (2011) that considering PR slips as disasters and dealing with them quickly, honestly, and taking everything not too seriously are effective ways of managing them; moreover, it is imperative to have a system that deals with PR problems in a proactive manner. Every PR slip is a disaster. Sniderman (2011) stressed the importance of treating PR slips as disasters, and this paper supports him, because without this thinking, these problems may not receive enough attention and time from the management. When this happens, a small smoke may turn into a wild and uncontrollable wildfire because public relations officers think that these concerns do not warrant a quick response. It does not mean that everything small should be developed into sensational issues. Instead, it is about humanizing the organization and ensuring the provision of sympathetic responses to those hurt and offended by social media comments or posts. In addition, thinking that PR slips are disasters guarantee that the organizations are always actively monitoring their social media sites. If they are conscious of their sites and how they are run, they can place themselves at a better position in handling these PR problems. These organizations also become more aware of the ident ity of their audiences, and learn more about their values, viewpoints, and goals in life. They may even realize that they can agree to disagree, as long as they do not openly spread hate or violence in their social media networks. The ultimate outcome is better PR relations with diverse stakeholder groups, whose beliefs and priorities may differ with the organizations. Quick, honest, and not too seriously are some of the characteristics of a good PR response to social media disasters. Quickness of response is needed, but it should also

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